Next generation of bloggers

Blogging has changed the world we live in and no one remains untouched. Today blogging has become popular in everyone’s life irrespective of his / her social background. Blogging has influenced our society at large; in fact in many cases it has transformed the very society itself.

The coming generations of bloggers are more aware of this ever changing world and ready to cope with these changes. These young bloggers are not ready to accept any lame excuses from governments. They desire a genuine change on the ground. So what are those attributes that these bloggers possess? Let us discuss them one by one.

next gen bloggers

New Style

The next generation bloggers are not monotonous or dull. They bring in new style to the genre of blog-writing. Today’s young bloggers believe in talking directly to their audiences rather than talking at them. It simply means they are very straight forward and highlighting issues that are affecting the society at large.

They are not trying to hide something by keeping the general public in dark. At the same time, bloggers are conscious about the feelings of their readers which is lacking among mainstream writers. So the new style of blogging has made blogs really interesting to read.

Bold Topics

Today when there is so much social injustices prevailing around the world, young bloggers are taking responsibility to highlight issues that are considered as taboos. They have taken responsibilities on their shoulders to highlight sensitive issues through blogging and creating awareness among the general public.

Issues concerning human rights violation, right of a citizen, women empowerment etc. get prominence in their blogs. Usually mainstream media is not interested in highlighting these issues because of their financial constraints. Thanks to these bloggers as today public space has become more open where everyone can express their feelings freely.

Challenging Mainstream Thinking

Today our mainstream media is completely controlled by big corporations. Therefore, what media shows is not the complete picture. They are not interested in touching issues where government is directly responsible because there is a conflict of interest.

Media is fully paid by these corporations so they would never raise issues that indict government itself. In this case, only open forum available, is actually blogging. Activists who are bloggers can write their feelings and spread awareness in the society.

Hence challenging mainstream thinking is very important and it is wonderfully done by young bloggers.

Setting Trends

These bloggers have also set trends for the future generation. As a result of this the upcoming generation is thinking out of the box. No more they can be molded into stereotypes. Bloggers have been able to create their own style or signature.

All the famous bloggers have forced the mainstream media to change their outlook towards the world. Hence, as a blogger, you must also try to break the mold rather than adjusting with the predominant thinking.

Financially Free

Lastly I would say that the hard work and sincerity of bloggers do not go in vain. They are able to earn an income that is able to fulfill their materialistic needs. Today, blogging as a career is preferred by youngsters over MBA or any other course.

The reason is simple; blogging as a career can pay enough money, at the same time they would enjoy working. Hence bloggers do not have to worry about their financial freedom because it is completely ensured.


Finally, to conclude I would only say next generation bloggers are not monotonous because they are bringing in new things in their writing as they are incorporating new things. They are blogging like never before and challenging the mainstream media or thinking.

Present bloggers are also setting new trends for the future in a positive way. Ultimately today young bloggers are financially free. So they can earn enough money with a satisfaction of doing something which is good for the society.


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