My Experience of Making Money on Commission Junction

I have made lots of money on commission junction and when it comes to choose the affiliate network than commission junction is my favorite as I have good experience and I am very comfortable to use its interface and yes, I know some of the best tips and tricks on promoting Commission Junction.make money with commission junctionI came to know about CJ through (now I was making money from affiliate program of Baazee. After eBay acquired Baazee, its affiliate program shifted from their own affiliate management system to To promote affiliate program of Baazee, you had to join CJ.

I am really thankful to eBay because I came to know about affiliate marketing and its potential after joining CJ only. After joining CJ, I was promoting as and otherwise promoting Baazee. I was not aware of 1000s of other big advertisers in CJ portfolio.

Commision Junction Advertisers

Not only but all the other eBay sites (, etc.) were managed by Commision Junction only. After 3 months of working, I came to know about hundreds of other advertisers in CJ. Some of the best advertisers I promoted were,,, GoDaddy & Permission Research and many others.

I found that the advertisers who pay for leads (free signup) works best in Although I made good money from & GoDaddy too but eBay worked a lot for me.

My Promotion Strategy

Back in 2005, my main promotional method used to be Google AdWords & email marketing. I was very poor at web designing and SEO and that is the reason I was not able to create an affiliate site or a review site.

Now its very easy to create a site and rank in Google with some SEO strategy. Not only through search engines, you can also promote affiliate marketing through YouTube, social media sites, web 2.0 sites, article marketing etc.

Is Commission Junction scam?

Never, in fact its one of the best affiliate network. How can CJ be scam when they were sending the payment even to those publishers who were using the fake techniques to earn money from Commission Junction. And yes, I know many of such people.

Commission Junction is very good at support and they have received so many good feedbacks for being a on-time payment sender to their affiliates.

Future Scope

If you are a regular publisher of CJ then you must have the idea that there is great scope in promoting Commision Junction advertisers. They have more than 1000 advertisers and you can find many advertisers which can earn you a gold mine.

How to become Commission Junction affiliate

You can start right away by joining CJ here and then apply your affiliate marketing strategy to earn money from CJ. If you are new to CJ and affiliate marketing, you can subscribe to our newsletter so that we can send you some of the best tips and secrets of making fast money from Commission Junction.


  1. Hi,

    I am a blogger at Best Motivational blogs, I want to apply CJ to my website for that i need to know more about the process of CJ, if anybody can assist me then it will be a great opportunity to me.

  2. Am afraid to join godaddy affiliate because I don’t know if they pay $100 per host sales.

  3. Respected sir,
    I am doing commission junction since last 6 -7 year, Till now I have only 2 sale, I work very hard to get some sale , but you can say bad luck, i get many clicks and impression, but no sale.
    Sir, I have blogger blogs to promote the products, I post ads in almost 400 classified sites, Pinterest, facebook , and many social media sites. I normally use , banner or Links to promote the products, I have account also.
    Is this link work best or other way of doing it.
    Sir I will be very thank full if you can give me idea how to make own web site , I am publisher of , Can I build web site there and do my affiliate marketing. what name is best for my site.

    Here is one of my blog-
    Sir , Please do me help!
    Hope to get reply soon from you.
    Once again Congrats
    Your’s failthfully
    R. Venkateshan

    • Hi Venkateshan, I am not focusing much on CJ at present. I am working with other affiliate networks like FlexOffers, MaxBounty, Amazon etc. You can check this post that will help you how to create a website.


  5. I have cj account, i have working with cj last 3 and half months, i have $0 only in my account,i m working with very good publisher. and published ad almost every where… Serviceable area…
    but i have $0 in my account.
    IF it work so please tell me the tricks and tips to user give the lead if you really earn from

    • CJ is one of the most reputed affiliate network but its very hard. You need to learn lots of tricks to make money from affiliate marketing.

  6. i join CJ last 6 month and recently i got 284 click in to day using Google AdWord for my 1st ad,
    my question is when they pay EPC amount. after 7 day or before 7 day

  7. hai sir i am sanjeev, i have cj account, i have above 100 visitors every day, but no one give any single lead so i have $0 only in my account, so please tell me the tricks and tips to user give the lead if you really earn from
    send me the answer to my email id : [email protected]

  8. Hi,i joined in cj in before two weeks.but i cant earn money. I want any tips or secret to earn money in commission junction.please help me.

  9. Hello sir

    My account last 30 day, I click away seven days a edamam 120 gaya but I did not commission

  10. I have a website (WWW.FREECOUPONMALL.COM) i m working on it from feb-2014 , i m getting backlinks also , but i m not earning the money to give the payment they are asking tax information like this (Please edit your tax information to be eligible for payment.) what should i do to get the payment from c.j please reply me soon….. my email id ([email protected])

    • Hi Dear,

      My name is Shehroz and i am also running a website. Somehow i am able to make some commission too. Now am also facing the same problem. Did you get any way to get your payments in your pocket or not?

  11. Is there Indian Advertisers in CJ? Because, most of the requests are automatically rejecting? I’m having a couponcodes website. So, CJ may help you to earn money!

    • You can use the search option in CJ to know about this. Select the country India to check the Indian advertisers.

  12. I liked your blog. Your every blog is an excellent and unique. Request you to please send me some of the best tips and secrets of making fast money from Commission Junction.




    Iam doing COMMISIION JUNCTION from AUG-2013 With my free blog website.I had received 750 clicks & 3 lakhs Impressions in my CJ account.But No sales.
    I have started CLICK BANK recently with my free blog website.

    I want ur guidance especially in case of COMMISSION JUNCTION & CLICK BANK.

    Madam, Did u have CJ & CLICK BANK PDF books ?

    Did u have any friends who is doing these business in HYD ?

    Madam,PLease give me their phone nos for better guidance.

    I hope that u will help to me


    • You need to use the targeted product from Clickbank or CJ if you want to convert your visitors into customers. If your niche is some general topic, then its better to apply for AdSense & earn money through AdSense.

    • what do u think about adsense is it easy to get ac i don’t know about the people are always thinking about adsense is it easy to get in one day

  14. Good article. Hopefully people have realistic expectations of how they can do this. It takes a lot of work to be successful as a marketer and it doesn’t just come to you. Nevertheless, you can definitely earn some big money doing it.

  15. hello mam i have a problem please help me
    in cj account my transaction close on 13/09/2013
    but i am not recevied my check on email
    what is the reason for did not recevied my check

    • does it show your commission pending or locked. When CJ sends you a cheque, your balance on the top will show a debited amount.

  16. Hi,

    I liked your blog. Your every blog is an excellent and unique. Request you to please send me some of the best tips and secrets of making fast money from Commission Junction.

  17. thanks for ur iformation. now i ant to join please suggest me any book that give details how to wor on

    • EPC means earnings per 100 clicks. It shows how much you have earned when there was 100 clicks on your affiliate links.

    • What ads you are talking about. Posting ads does not make you money until you have good traffic on your blog. In AdSense, you make money when people clicks on the ads from your blog & visit the advertisers site. If its Commission Junction, then you get paid for sale only.

  18. hi , my name is murthy. i have cj account. i tried lot of times. but every time i get troubles and not successed. any one can plz suggest for resolutions. my no: 9705216606

  19. I recently signed up with cj and some advertisers accepted my request.I started making some bucks.

    Here is my question:

    How we can know that which advertiser is providing promotional offers?.

    For example Godaddy announces weekly deals with their service.however I am not getting any notification regarding this..To know about it I want to go through the links of Godaddy…

    Is there any option inside Cj to extract promotional offer?

  20. hai sir i am vinoth, i have cj account, i have above 100 visitors every day, but no one give any single lead so i have $0 only in my account, so please tell me the tricks and tips to user give the lead if you really earn from
    send me the answer to my email id : [email protected]

    • Your blog visitors are mostly from south India and most of the products in CJ are USA targeted. You need to identify the target market for your advertisers and accordingly promote them. You can also use AdSense on your blog.

  21. Dear Sir,

    I have tried CJ in the past but could not succeed. Please let me know how to go about it. I am really interested in pursuing CJ.


  22. want a guideline on how to start as an affiliate marketeer and earn some decent money. can you help me?

  23. I am new publisher of cj and I got bad experience because,it is going to a month I even did not earn a single penny.


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