Single Mom Earns $7397 Per Month From Home!

Many of you reading this article must have seen an advertisement appearing on thousands of websites & blogs which claims ‘Single mom makes $7397 per month from home’. And if the earning figure is not same, you can find something like $6,795 or $6,275.

You may be tempted to click on the ads. Or it may be a coincidence that you are looking for an extra income opportunity like every other person in this world want to make more money.

But never click this ad, if you find it next time on some website. Even on my blog!


Is this virus?



This is a work from home scam. A very big scam running on internet from the last few years. If you visit the website, I am sure you will become the victim.

Now what exactly is this scam?

This is a most luring work from home scam. This fake website gives you the look & feel of a famous news site like CNBC. There, you will find a very compelling article from a work from home mom where she explains, how she is making several thousands dollars a month by working on very simple online jobs. Just check this screenshot from the website.

work from home scam

The website will show you fake income proofs, testimonials & comments from the customers & readers. If you click on any of the links in the website, it will take you to their order page where you will be asked to pay their registration fee in order to start this easy work from home job.

But once you make the payment, you will find nothing but scam.

Every week this site changes the website name, URL and everything that makes them identified by the people. At present the new address of this site is

Thousands of people around the world are being cheated by this scam. Next may be you, your friend or relative. Better you make them alert by sharing this article.


  1. Hello,


    Not everyone is fake. You need to be careful. I have identified nearly 30 options to do home based work (not hi-tech). Total training tools and support comes free of cost. There is high shortage of trained manpower in doing KPO, LPO and RPO releated work, which homemakers and retirees in India can comfortably do and secure their future financially. No upfront or investment risk. You can do the work from anywhere in India. To get a preamble of projects, please send email to “[email protected]”. Good day. GURURAJ

  2. Thanks priya…. u always informed us about such kind of scam.. But i just wanted to know that is all these online working site is fake or is there something genuine also….because i have some spare time after my job so i really want to join such kind of online job…can u please let me know about genuine sites…

  3. Dear Priya N Madam,
    The mother is a wizard.
    Thanks, many many thanks for your tracking and timely alertness via email.
    “Online world is full of man made aliens”.
    We are saved, those who are in poverty and in search of income from online, especially online job seeking freelancers and students who are most vulnerable.
    Keep this spirit up and inform us timely.
    Wish you a Happy & Prosperous life with family, God bless you. Meet you on facebook timeline.


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