Top Mobile Phone Insurance Companies in India

There are few good mobile phone insurance companies in India. Most of them are new startup and are not very popular.

Although the company you buy your mobile phone from provide you with some warrantee but most of them are for only a year long. After that if you mishandle or lose your phone then you are responsible.

Recently I bought an iPhone 5S and after doing the enquiry about the insurance, they told me Rs. 1700 for first year and I need to get the insurance within 2 days of the purchase.

The price of my iPhone is Rs.41,000 so premium comes around 4% of the mobile cost. But its not the case with all the companies. Many of the companies offer for as low as 1-1.5% of the total cost or Rs.15 to Rs.20 per Rs.1000 for the first year.

If you are buying a high end mobile or other gadgets then you need an insurance company that can cover you for a longer period. This insurance covers any type of software damage, physical damage, loss or theft of mobile.

Mobile Insurance Companies

Top Mobile & Gadget Insurance Companies in India

Hence, we jot down a list of few top mobile phones insurance companies in India. Here are they-

1. New India Assurance Company

The first mobile phone insurance company is New India Assurance Company. Although the company is owned by Indian government and it provides insurance for all other purposes like personal, Medicare, motor etc but is also provides you with mobile phone insurance plan.

Now how do you get your mobile phone insured with New India Assurance Company?

Well Nokia in collaboration with New India Assurance came up with a scheme for mobile users in India. The plan is fixed premium is only Rs 50/- and the rate is around 1.25% of the price of the mobile phone.

This scheme by the company would cover loss, theft, malfunctioning and damage of the phone.

For more information, visit the page

2. SYSKA Gadget Secure

SYSKA Gadget secure is a private mobile phone insurance company. According to their premier offering you get covered for everything like theft, damage, fire and water or moisture.

As per the cost of your phone they have 5 different plans for Samsung mobiles only.

For price between Rs 4000 to Rs 10,000/- you can go for Rs 599/-. Similarly for other four plans

  • For Rs Rs 399/- for less than Rs 4000/-,
  • For Rs 10001 to Rs 15000/- plan is Rs 899/-,
  • For Rs 15001 to Rs 25000/- plan is Rs 1299/-,
  • For Rs 25001 to Rs 90000/- plan is Rs 1999/-

Moreover it also gives antivirus solutions and free pick/drop of your gadget from your home.

For more go to

3. On Site Secure

Third company is On Site Secure. A private company that covers for your mobile phone. The company was established in the year 2010 and located in Mumbai.

It has plans for various price ranges like

  • For Rs 1 to Rs 7000/- plan is Rs 599/-,
  • For Rs 7001 to Rs 13000/- plan is Rs 799/-,
  • For Rs 13001 to Rs 20000/- plan is Rs 1099/-
  • For Rs 20001 to Rs 30000/- plan is Rs 1799/-,
  • For Rs 40001 to Rs 50000/- plan is Rs 2799/-,
  • For Rs 50001 to Rs 70000/- plan is Rs 3499/-,
  • For Rs 70001 to Rs 100000/- plan is Rs 4899/-

So these were some of the plan for mobile phone users only. There are other insurance plans for gadgets like laptop, tablets etc. You can visit the website and find out more.


4. Gadget Cops

The last company in our list is Gadget Cops. It was the first company in India to start insurance for mobile phone users in private sector.

Company covers for accidental damage (2 years), liquid damage (2 years), mechanical and electrical faults (2 years) and other value added services.

For more information visit

So these were 4 mobile phone insurance companies in India. You can consider one of the company if your mobile is worth more than Rs.15,000/-.


  1. I have registered my complaint on 16 Nov 16 CIF No 1611160025 but till now i have not received my Handset back and call center always says that we are forwarding your request to concern team. No Support, No Response. I am feeling cheat with Syska Gadget Secure. Can anyone help on this.

  2. Yesterday I purchased i phone 6 S. I want to take insurance of the same. Give me your advice regarding plan immediately pl.

  3. Hello Friends . I Want to Buy Samsung Galaxy J7 in a Day or two. Can u please Suggest me Which Insurance Company to Go For. .
    And Does Any Insurance Company Create any Problem if i Buy The Handset Online.

  4. maine Appsdaily ka mobile me insurance karwaya tha magar ajh mera mobile 5 mahine se latka ke company ne riject kar diya mere khayal sab mobile insurance compeny bus customer se paisha lene time sirf atcha bat karti hai magar claim lene time kutch na kutch issue bata deti hain ye sari mobile insurance compeny per ban lagna chahye

  5. Please don’t suggest the Syska gadeget secure insurance company… Its a fruad.. They never settle any claim… There are thousands of complaints againt it…

  6. Sir my brother gifted me a iPhone 6s from Dubai.Can I get insurance of my iphone 6s from Times Global Insurance?

  7. It’s totally bakwas system. who make money from people , I have register the complaint through 1601032458 for the damage handset which was felt down by mistake from my hand. Siska has rejected the claim by stating that it was negligence..
    Since it was human error and to avoid such things we take the policy.

    Syska has pick and drop facility but even there call agent asked me to arrange quotation for the repair cost, I have arrange it from authorize service center by paying Rs 250 ..Now syska executive are saying that they cann’t say like this .Since i have call recording for this all incident so defiantly i am going to take legal action in consumer forum .

  8. Today I got credit of Rs. 12500 for repair charges in my bank account of my one plus 2 on the basis of just a quotation, which I mailed Times Global insurance yesterday . unmatched 5 star service from Times Global Insurance. Never expected so fast claim amount from any company.

  9. I just brought a iPhone 6 s plus from amazon, and I will surely go for for iPhone insurance.
    Reason – I did several days research on mobile insurance companies in India and found that most of the companies either don’t give claims on time or do not give claims at all.Infact few companies just spend tons of money on advertising, so please please do not fall in trap in advertisements.After all It’s our hard earned money and we should put it in the right company. I found Times Global insurance is offering better plans, a transparent and simplified insurance policy and services.
    I read thousands of reviews and also did research on company and found this company is impressive and trustworthy.
    Friends m not doing it for the sake of innocent people who buy insurance on just big advertisements or banners.

  10. Absolutely disgusted by this company. I bought insurance for the iPhone 6 2 months ago and was in goa last weekend where my phone got stolen. I did not have a phone in goa or any of my insurance information so called them as soon as i got back to delhi. They said there was no way I would get insurance as I hadn’t called in 48 hours. I was hoping they would be able to understand as it had only been a few more hours. I was trying to speak to a manager but was refused as “they were all in a meeting.” When i called back this morning trying to speak to a manager i was told that I cannot do that. They said my insurance claim had been denied. I said that’s fine but I would still like to speak to someone so I can at least try to explain my situation. The person said that he couldn’t transfer the phone. I asked him if it was a company policy but he wouldn’t admit to that. Then he pretended he couldn’t hear me and hung up the phone.

  11. very bad about syska gadget secure because your customer are complain to you but till date you are not settled insurance .how can faith for syska gadget secure.pls told to me

    • Your english is of such high level, I fail to understand how the customer service at syska was unable to understand the problem faced by you. Very bad customer service.

  12. Buy any insurance company but Syska Gadget Secure, My January claim is not yet settled its been 4 months already. The customer care hangs up the phone while talking no proper response etc etc.. The worst company i am dealing with.


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