Krishna Karpal is the Name of Biggest Work from Home Scam

I am sure, if you have shown even little interest in work from home opportunities on internet, you must have come across this name Krishna Karpal from Mumbai who is earning Rs. 4,40,000/- per month by filling just a short form & applied for a work-from-home kit.

And if not, then you might have seen her in advertisements in many famous news & jobs websites in India & even on her fake news website

Just see this lady Krishna Karpal below & try to identify her.

Optimized-krishna karpal

Its one of the biggest work from home scam running on internet. Millions of people around the world has been cheated by this scam.

Who is Krishna Karpal?

Now, after doing a little bit research about this lady, I am sure there is no lady with this name ‘Krishna Karpal’ from Bombay & even any part of the world.

The scammers have taken these photos of mother & daughter from photo stock site iStockPhoto & I think neither her name is Krishnal Karpal nor she is related with this work from home scam.

Why do I think this is scam?

I have already written about similar scam in the past. And here, I have done some research before I prove this one as scam.

Check some of the important reasons below-

1. Same story all over the world

This is one of the important point. If you are from India & click on these work from home mom ad, you will be redirected to an Indian mother Krishna Karpal webpage but if you are from other country say USA or Singapore, you will be redirected to the US mom site “Melissa Johnson from Chicago” or Singapore mom site ‘Li Tan from Bedok”.

All the moms have exactly the same story to tell the world about their success & there is not a single word changed in all these mom sites.

And here is the funny things about this site. Either you visit US or UK or Canada webpage, the name & photo of this mother (Melissa Johnson) is same but places are different.

You can check here the links of different countries

  • Gabriela Valdez from Latin America at
  • Melissa Johnson from Canada at
  • Doris Halkias from Nicosia at
  • Sanaa Al-Kazaz from Amman at
  • And virtually from all countries that you can check here in Google.

2. Same income cheques everywhere

If you visit any of the link provided above, you will find all mothers have earned the same income $8,795 & their check number is also same. If you compare all the cheques, you will find everything same except the name.

Krishna Karpal cheque

melissa johnson check

Great coincidence OR hence proved.

3. No social profile of Krishna Karpal

There are millions of people around the world, who are making money from internet. But its very rare that they don’t have any social profile on Facebook or Twitter or Google+.

And if there is someone, who is making so much money like Krishna Karpal & if he or she is selling work from home opportunities on internet, they must have a social profile.

No social profile with this name means fake name.

4. All moms selling 3 different products

Whether its ‘Krishna Karpal’ or Melissa Johnson or ‘Li tan’ or mom from other country, they are selling 3 different products on different pages.

e.g. Krishna Karpal is selling

  1. Work from home product at
  2. The Colon Cleanse Weight lose Diet at
  3. Wrinkle free skin product at

Again a great coincidence as all of the moms were having same problem & used the same products to solve their problems & they find miracles after using these products. Just copy above links & open in internet browser to see the product details.

5. Fake News Site

When you open this website, it will give you a feeling of a news site but check properly, you will find this as a fake news site. Its logo & header is fake & even the category in navigation menu is fake.

Just click on any link in the whole website & it will take you to the same work from home membership order page from all clicks.

6. Fake comments

All the comments provided at the bottom of the page are fake. You will find the comments there from last 3-4 days only.

You come after 3-4 days, you will find the same comments but dates different.

You don’t believe me. Just do one thing. Change the date of your computer & refresh the website & then check the dates of the comments. You will be surprised!

So what do you think after reading all the points mentioned here. Do you agree with me? I am waiting for your comments & opinion.

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  1. If there werre free lunches in this world, you have every reason to believe that these sites are genuine.. else…… dont even waste your time on even reading such website contents…..

  2. Dear Priya.. thank you so much for this information.. Do u really know any original online job based at home..i really need that..please if u know then give me information……. nd. Once again thanks a lot

  3. Thanks a lot priyaI. I got save after reading your post. But if you really know any genuine site of work from home them inform me. Again thanks a lot.

  4. There is no earning on internet.It is waste of time and money to run after earning on internet.The internet is full of get is precious than money u are looking…..Thanks

  5. you are realy an angel send to me by God this morning. i was all most going out of my way to borrow money or sell any of my goods, because of my financial challenges. chould you believed that when i check it out, it was thesame cheque they are posting at US, UK excitelly thesame cheque number they posted in my country nigeria too. may God help us from those who can not help you from your problem but trying to add to your situation. pls if there is any one with a relevant and legitimate information that can help to allivate my financial predicament let him or her reach me through this number pls. +2348033371531. Thanks, and always remain vigilant friends!!

  6. Hi Priya
    Thanx for the info.
    Do you know any genuine home based job without any investment so pls let know as i really want to start……..


  7. I just fell for this. I wish I had found this blog yesterday.

    I paid for it and it all seems to be fake. They are asking us to create a website, find merchants, acquire products. The shocking thing is that there is an option for “contact us ” and it is defined as “the customer would be able to hold you” and also there is no terms and condition or guidelines set forth as a company. They are asking us to design and come up with our own terms and condition.

    All seem to be fake, Wish I could have been a little more alert.

  8. Dear priya;

    I just escape from this SCAM, while registering it is asking met to pay through Master card or Visa card some 137 dollars, and i immediately disconnected ;

    Thanks once again,

  9. i want work at home based word on internet pls kindly give me guidance about the home based internet work.
    thanking you

    • i have wasted 20000 rs in such scams and i was frustrated . but after some research i found some good results. now i am making money from some geniune websites. and believe me thay are paying very well..
      i can suggest you some websites where i m working on .believe it .


  10. hi priya,
    i really appreciate for ur work that u hv done nd im really thankfull to u . I request everyone who are reading this block that please be aware of these scams as well as make us also aware of these scams website.

  11. Hah…I almost knewed that it was a Scam…But After reading your article I’m 100% sure about it…& yes about the comments from that website was fake where the date changed but the names and fake comments didn’t…..Anyways..,,..Thanks for sharing this article & let those Scammers & their websites go to hell …..!!!

  12. Hi Priya
    Thank you for the information!!!!
    Is there any genuine work from home site that you can vouch for? I would appreciate your reply.

  13. Thanx a lol, been reaearching alot about this. Finally i saw this information, which is saved me from Stepping inn to it.

  14. why do the people do with needy peoples? if we cannot help them its bad thing if you are prompting them to do somthing wrong with them and their family.. then its too bad finally we are human being,, we should not let them dark…

  15. I made their payment but it said transaction failure. Now i donno wat further more strange can happen? Oh Lord!

  16. Hi All ,

    There is no easy way to earn money other than SCAMS ,Hence all scammers use the same idea to attract needy people .
    i hereby request you not to fall PRAY to these scammers.
    find out some simple way of earning money where only + or – to be used . No or * signs .
    i am buying some thing from someone and selling it to someone , formula is pretty simple
    Selling cost – ( actual cost + tax) = Profit
    3 or X number of Profit per month = my earnings …..of the month
    Please chose old age simple ways ….work hard …… collect intellect from each deal , focus .. Plan …. execute ….. Be peaceful
    & Live HAPPY


  17. Hi,
    My brother made a mistake by doing a online transaction on this site. Site mentioned that the work from home kit costs $1 but after making that transaction , Rs.10368 were deducted from his credit card.After making number of calls to their call centers, finally they refunded Rs.9400 . They deducted about one thousand. Atleast my brother was lucky that he got his money.

    • you can call- (001)8553505531 where 001 is USA ISD call…
      Call them generally after 12.30 in the night (India time) otherwise you will have to wait online/in call queue for more time and it will cost you much as ISD call charges are high..
      Whenever you got connected to service help desk representative ask for service request number after you raised request for refund. Generally they will tell you that , refund will happen in 3-5 days but it will take more time may be 1 have patience and by that time raise dispute on the transaction that was done on your credit card/debit card , atleast you will have some assurance that you will get atleast some amount .

  18. Hi Priya,
    Thank you for your research on this. I was about to sign up and when it prompted for my credit card details for age verification, i doubted and googled about this lady krishna karpal and hence came to read this page. Your article saved my hard earned money, thank you.


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