12 Better Ways for Kids to Make Money in Part Time

Do you want to teach your kids how to value money? Is your child asking for increases in allowance but you don’t want to spoil them?

Why not help your child discover the real value of work and the rewards it can bring with these simply money making ideas for kids. The first thing you’ll want to do is to help your child choose the venture or job they would like to do to support them.

You are teaching them the value of money and other life skills through that experience, and obviously they’re going to learn more if they enjoy what they’re doing.

kids part time earning

We have already discussed some of the ways for kid to earn money online. Below is a list of offline ideas you might like to explore together…

1) Summer Lemonade Stand

This is one of the oldest and most iconic ways of children earning money during the summer. You can help your kids by teaching them how to make very thirst-quenching lemonade.

To make decent money here location is important. If you have space in front of your house where there are many passers-by, consider trying a lemonade right outside your own place.

If that’s not busy you can also ask within the community if there are events such as marathons, summer sports festivals, or other community gatherings where your child might be able to place their lemonade stand.

2) Dog Walking and Sitting

This job is applicable to older children who are capable of managing & handling dogs. Kids can advertise their services by making flyers and distributing them around the neighbourhood.

Make sure that your kids have a passion and patience with dogs. If they are going to do this, remember to schedule times for walking or sitting properly because they might get a handful of adorable dogs at a time.

Refer: How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

3) Pet Grooming

Do your kids love pets? Why not learn how to groom pets. They could start grooming the family pets and you can then move on to offer services to family friends and neighbors.

Your kids are earning and at the same time will be enjoying their job if they have enjoy being with pets.

4) Baking Yummy Goodies

Choose the most popular recipes, such as brownies or chocolate chip cookies to increase appeal. Of course moms can offer some help in making these goodies as well. Your kids can sell the yummy goodies to relatives, neighbours and friends.

One of the best ways in advertising the products is through word of mouth. Once they capture the taste buds of customers and they see your kids regularly, they will definitely have regular customers.

5) Washing of the Windows

You will need to provide your kids with a minimal setup here including a bucket, a good window cleaner and a squeegee. Prepare and distribute flyers about the services.

Your kids’ customers could be your neighbours and small business establishments within your area. Suggest to your kids to exert effort in building their customer base.

Offer the customers a monthly cleaning service schedule. It will guarantee that your kids will have a sure monthly income.

6) Cleaning Services

Obviously one of the easiest ways to teach your children to value money is to give them the option of taking up a paid cleaning job around the home.

They can help clean the house by removing dust, cobwebs and making the furniture shine. They can also learn how to clean the sink, tubs and toilets as well.

Once the work of your kids is acceptable to you, suggest to your kids that they can now offer cleaning services to your neighbours. You might have neighbours who are very busy and cannot attend to cleaning their homes.

7) Painting Jobs

Do you notice the fading paint on your neighbours’ homes or fences? Why not tell your kids to pop on over next door and offer to do the job for them.

Clearly they might not be up to the job of painting the house, but you don’t need a professional painter to do the fences.

Suggest that the owner provides the paint and the brush and pays for your kid’s labour. You should make sure you have outlined how much that will be before you start the job.

8) Plant Watering and Trimming

Do you know someone who is going for a vacation or will be out for a couple of days for a business trip? Offer services to water and trim their plants.

Remember to identify which plant needs water everyday or prefer to be dry. Make sure your kids have green thumbs as well. You don’t want to petrify your customers with their dead plants when they come back.

9) Car Washing

Do your kids always clean dad’s car? Why not use that skill by offering the same service for busy neighbours. Or, put a sign outside the driveway and let the neighbors know the kids are offering car-washing services.

You have to help your kids buy the initial cleaning materials they need – such as soap, bucket, sponge, brush, hose and rags to start this venture; however that need not be too expensive.

10) Shovelling the Snow

Is it winter? There might be outpouring of snow in your area. Let your kids roam around and ask the senior citizens if they can shovel the snow for them for a minimal fee.

However, this job is more suited towards older children because it does require a lot of effort to shovel the snow.

11) Yard Work

Your children can distribute flyers advertising that they can do the yard work for your neighbours. They can offer to trim the grasses, mow the lawn, clean up the branches and water the yard.

Most people don’t enjoy these household chores, so why not grab the opportunity to make some cash out of it.

12) Sell Your Stuff

You can help your children have a garage sale in front of your house. Sell the stuff they don’t want or they don’t use – such as toys, old clothes, books, and other stuff that can be useful to other people.

These ideas on how kids can make money are just a few to get your kids started.

Before starting any mini-venture, make sure that you help your kids identify their skills and never force them into doing a job they don’t want to do or simply can’t. You’ll have to also remember to help them keep track of their expenses and teach them how they can compute their costs and profits.


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