How to Save Money on Vegetables

You can save money on vegetables or help your mom and dad. If you buy it on demand you pay higher price and if you buy it on a vegetable shop you again pay higher price. Most of the vegetables are not fresh on the shops.

These tips are specially useful if you are in India.

  • To buy fresh and cheap vegetable you must visit vegetable market.
  • There you will get fresh vegetable with many options, you can bargain as well, here you can compare price and quality.Save Money on Vegetables
  • If you can manage you should buy vegetables in a large quantity, however green vegetables are not good to buy in bulk.
  • When you go to vegetable market, you should check all the sellers and look for what is cheap, so you should buy cheap vegetables; if today one thing is cheap yesterday other will be cheap.
  • You should go specially in the evening time when all sellers are preparing for home at this time they don’t want to take home the left vegetables with them, so they will sell it at the low price.
  • Sometimes fruits are cheaper than vegetables but people avoid fruits for cooking, you can buy fruits.
  • Most of the online grocery sites provide good discounts for first time as well as repeat visitors. You can check sites like, to find discount on vegetables & fruits.
  • If you have some extra space in your house, you can grow some of the vegetables at your home.

There are number of other practical ways you can check to save money here which can help you to save more money & you know every penny saved is every penny earned.

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