How to Effectively Promote Your Work from Home Business

In the last 5 years, there is a huge growth in the number of people who are quitting their 9 to 5 job & going to start their own work from home business. Even many of the companies are hiring their staff as sub-contractors or freelancers so that they can pass on less benefits to them.

The economic downturn & recession affected everyone. The result is many people are now looking to start their own work from home business.

In this internet era, there are enormous opportunities waiting for everyone & there was no better time than this to start a home based business. One can have endless possibilities. Street shops are becoming very costly & there importance is decreasing. Not any more they are needed unless you deal with huge quantities.

And now because you are working from home, you can save thousands of rupees each month.

No matter, what’s the nature of your home business, you will deal with either a physical product or some services. But in any case, you will come across one of major factor and that is marketing & promotion. Without that you can’t run your home business. Marketing plays a very important role in your home business & it decides the failure or success of your home business.

promote home business

So here we are going to learn the quick promotional ideas & techniques that you can use to promote your home business.

PPC Advertising

There are dozens of sites where you can place your PPC ads but 3 sites are most popular & they are Google AdWords, Yahoo search marketing & MSN adCenter. But more specifically its Google AdWords, where your business can get the best exposure.

For every visitor Google sends to your business page, they will charge you some amount. This amount may be anything depending on your keywords.

You need to do a lot of research on the right keywords that can drive you potential customers. Useless keywords can increase your advertising budget. Refer these AdWords tips for small budget.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Its one of my favorite way of doing promotion. It takes time but its cheaper & much better than Google AdWords. I target most of my small business sites using SEO techniques only.

Either you can get training for SEO from some good institute or hire some SEO company for your business. Its a good idea to do SEO on your own until your business get a boost.

There are many websites like SEOMoz where you can learn quality SEO & you can keep yourself updated with the changing trend.

Social Media Marketing

Its one of the hottest place to advertise your website & create your brand. If used properly, it can drive immense traffic & targeted customers to your business.

You can use Facebook, you can use Twitter or you can use sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. to attract targeted traffic.

Its not possible to make all the promotional strategies yourself. Either you need to hire a social media manager or you can outsource this to some expert in this field.

Write Guest Articles

Its becoming one of best way for home business owners to get exposure & traffic. There are millions of bloggers worldwide. You can search for some of the popular bloggers in your industry & write guest articles on their blogs.

You can include your details in the author biography where their readers can notice you & your business. You need to very unique in your approach if you want to publish your articles on popular blogs otherwise your articles will not get approved.

There are many other ways than explained above for promoting your home based business on internet. Apart from this, you can also consider promoting your business offline through traditional methods like giving ads in newspaper, distribute pamphlets etc.

I am sure you will appreciate the potential of advertising & put more efforts in promoting your work from home business.


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