What Highest Google AdSense CPC Can You Expect?

Although I am an AdSense publishers from the last 10 years but I never bothered about how much highest Google AdSense CPC one can expect.

There was 2 reason for this. First reason was because I never targeted my site outside India (max you can earn up to 50 cents a click in India) and second because AdSense was not my priority.

My attitude towards AdSense changed when I read about many of the internet marketers who were making 6 figure income from Google AdSense rather than affiliate marketing.

One & half years back I thought of giving AdSense a fresh try. I thought of making multiple AdSense sites and targeting my sites outside India.

I got so many new experiences with AdSense during this period.

One of the shocking experience was the CPC of my AdSense earnings from US and UK.

Many of the time, I received Google AdSense CPC more than the commission that I receiving by selling an average Clickbank product.

My Highest Google AdSense CPC

Just before focusing more on Google AdSense and thought of creating number of mini AdSense sites, I thought of checking my highest CPC from US, UK & India.

Just check here one of the screenshot that I received for my AdSense CPC from USA.

google adsense cpc

& here is the screenshot that I captured for my highest AdSense earnings CPC from UK.


So its totally wrong to under estimate Google AdSense earnings as propagated by many top internet marketing gurus. I am having multiple AdSense sites which are giving me regular 7 figure monthly income from AdSense.

I have tried and tested both affiliate marketing and AdSense on many of my niche sites and found AdSense to be more effective on many of the sites.

Sometime, you need lot more hard work to make same income from affiliate marketing than you do for Google AdSense.

But yes, once you know a little secret about a market, there is nothing better than affiliate marketing. So both have their own importance in making money.

How can you be sure for better AdSense CPC

You need to choose your keywords wisely in order to get the highest CPC. You can take the help of Google AdWords keyword tool to know what is highest bidding for a particular keyword in a particular country by the advertiser.

Then you can write articles or create a site according to the keywords. Although there are many other factors that can decide you how much earnings per click you will receive from your AdSense ads but still you can be sure of getting some better CPC this way.

You will find many such articles on our site which will aim to provide you with some of the tricks and tools that can make your AdSense earnings sky rocketed.


I have shown you some of the highest CPC earnings on my AdSense ads but still my average earnings from US & UK is between US $1 to US $2.

If you are a serious AdSense publisher and if you are not focusing on many of such issues which can double or triple your AdSense earnings then you are losing so much of your earnings. Doing a little bit tricks can multiply your Google AdSense CPC and so is your AdSense earnings.


  1. Hey,

    Amazing Article. I love your blog, Its help me a lot to Earn money from Google ad Sense. Thanks for sharing and keep update more.

  2. Hi sir, I have created a blog with WordPress.com and upgraded to personal account 2 months now, then wrote over 50+ articles about herbal health benefits and home remedies. Thus I’ve applied twice with Google Ad Sense and was disapproved. The issue they highlighted was same, here is what they said;
    “We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below

    Unable to review your site: While reviewing dizl.blog, we found that your site was down or unavailable. If you applied through an AdSense host partner, such as YouTube or Blogger, your hosted site was not available or not found (removed) at the time of the review.”

    And too I’m confused with how to placing Google Ad Sense code, because I placed it in one of my articles instead of between the head and body of my website @ dizl.blog.

    Please HELP me get right these two:
    1. How to get personal blog approved &
    2. Where to correctly place the CODE



    Kind Regards.

  3. sir i start a blog on 1st jan 2017 indianwinners.in in hindi language.I want to know that how much time take to earn money from adsense even i have approve adsense account ,but my earning is 00$ what should i do…please suggest what i do for…reply soon

    • It depends on number of factors including the topic. You can try for your website & check how much you earn.

  4. Amazing Article 🙂 I love your blog , Its help me a lot to Earn money from Google ad Sense , May i know What is your Average earning on your blog form Indian visitor?? Please reply me its help me more…

    • @Vishesh – $0.09 is OK. You can use Google keyword planner or SEMRush keyword tool to find high CPC keywords.

  5. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I published my blog in March month since up to I cant eligible to open Adsense account. Please tell me how to eligible my blog as soon as for Google Adsense.

  6. my site getting 1,000,000 page views per month. I’m getting only 10 cents per click from india. It is only 15 month old and has 0 page rank. How can I increase my income.

    Thanks in advance and waiting for reply.

  7. Respected sir,
    I need your help for choosing a part time job which can provide me 50000 inr in a month or two to complete my mother’s operation since i don’t have my father so its my duty to care of my mother and i am coming from a low class family and i am a student so kindly send me details sir and i am skilled in computer and internet……
    Suhel ahamed

    • hi Syed,

      I am really concerned with your thoughts & hope you get some good opportunity for this.
      This blog provides info on online jobs and it takes time to start earning good money from online jobs.

      If you are determined and work hard, you will really get big success.

  8. Hi Deepika,
    There is really no limit. One can make nothing and one can make everything from AdSense. There are example in India only where people are earning more than 25 lacs per month on AdSense.


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