10 Things to Do When You Can’t Make Money Online

Although, I have explained very well in my previous article “how to earn money online” about the different types of earning options for different kind of people but still many of the people fail in making money online.

Making online income is not a joke and if you are not ready to put your hard work, then there are big chances of your failure. According to my experience only 1 out of 5 individuals succeed when they start out an online job.

So what you can do in that situation?

Whether you should further try or check out other offline options of making money.

If you want to give one more try, then you should check if you are making one of these 7 mistakes explained here.

And if you want to try other offline options then continue reading this article.

So what are other options when you find you are going nowhere with your online jobs. Therefore, I jotted down a list of 10 alternative jobs that you can try after you fail for an online job.

The best thing about these 10 jobs is they are very easy and you can start with little or no experience. Some of them you know and some you don’t.

cant make money online

Hence here is the list.

1. A Home Tutor

The first option other than an online job is becoming a home tutor. If you cannot make money online then you can certainly make by becoming a home tutor.

Home tutor is an easy job. You just have to teach kids who are in high school or college. You can go to their homes and teach subjects like math or physics.

You could teach other subjects like English, Biology too. You make good money if you have a batch of 10 to 20 students coming daily.

If you charge even 50% less then the market rate, you can make a good living just from this earning.

2. Opening a Cybercafé

You cannot make money online then you can make with a cybercafé. Although there is not much demand for cyber cafes now a days but still you can manage a good return on investment.

Opening a cybercafé is very easy because you learnt about internet when you fail to make any money.

So you can open a cybercafé fitted with 8 to 10 small cabins and administrator entire network on your own. So you could make money just sitting on your chair.

Later on you can expand your small business by doing number of other activities from the cyber cafe itself.

3. Mail Order Jobs

Mail order jobs could be done right from the comfort of your home. The job is quite different than any online jobs.

Here you have to stuff things in envelopes and send to the address given by the company you work for.

However you do have to spend money on buying envelopes, stamps and other stationery items. But the job is quite easy.

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4. Network Marketing

The next job you could do is network marketing. It is very easy and nothing like multi level marketing or any high level of marketing.

What you have to do is to join a company and start getting new members under your leadership. You need to get a new member for registration.

For every new member you get a commission. So it depends upon the number of new members you get. The job is easy and you can make good money in short time.

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5. Domestic Call Center Jobs

Joining domestic call center jobs is a great alternative. The job is easy because you would be calling in India and the language is Hindi or any other Indian language.

The jobs are readily available and you can join any time with little or no experience. Money that you make is pretty decent. After some experience you could go for international call center and make more money.

6. Open a Fruit Juice Stall or a Small Restaurant

If you do like any other jobs then you can open a fruit juice stall or a small restaurant. Your business will run in profit if you find a right location.

Imagine a stall or a restaurant near a bus stop or a railway platform. You will make great money. However getting a contract would be difficult.

But these small businesses are growing rapidly and you have an opportunity to make good money.

7. Offline Data Entry Operator

Although there are many online data entry jobs but if you cannot find one then you can go for offline data entry jobs.

Today offline data entry operators are required by companies to do their jobs. You can find many such jobs in the newspaper. They pay you according to the data you enter in one day.

You need typing speed for this kind of a job.

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8. Sales Executive, Salesman or an Insurance Agent

Sales executive job is also an option if you fail making money online. If you are good at the art of communicating and convincing people then you could be a sales executive.

If sales executive job is too good for you then you could be a salesman going door to door. It is easier than being a sales executive.

You can also become an insurance agent for a bank selling insurance.

9. Office Boy or Secretary

If you find it difficult find other jobs then you could become an office boy. The job is very easy as you have to assist your boss.

You can find a job through ads in the newspaper and going for an interview.

Similarly if you are a female then you could become a secretary or personal assistant. There is opening for these jobs daily.

10. Driver and Travel Agent

The last alternative job in our list is driver and a travel agent. You could become a cab driver for a company.

The money is good but you have to drive day and night. You need to have a driving license and some experience. Your job is final.

You could also become a travel agent after you leave driving job. Travel agent makes good money if you stay in the business for few years.

So these were 10 things you can do if you fail making money online. Choose one of them that you like most.


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