10 Ways You Can be Safe While Using ATM

24 X 7 ATM make our lives very easy because you don’t have to go to bank for transactions. However, this comfort could bring many others, unforeseen dangers.

Today using ATM could be dangerous if you are not cautious enough. You have to remain safe and vigilant every time you use ATM for transaction.

Therefore I wrote this article to help you taking precautionary measures while you are in an ATM machine.

I have jot down few tips from my own experience with using ATM. We will talk about taking simple precautionary measures to your PIN, how to do a transaction and other simple but important safety measures.

atm safety tips

Right Time to Withdraw Money

Always plan when you are going to take money. You have to choose right timings, hence avoid withdrawing cash at early morning (6am to 9am) and late night (8pm to 10m). You should withdraw money between 10 am to 5 pm. That is the safest time.

Although ATM is for 24 X 7 but data shows that most of the crime related to ATM happens after 7 pm in the evening and in early morning. Hence plan before you withdraw cash. I understand if there is an emergency but avoid that.

How to be Careful While Using Your PIN

Now we shall discuss about PIN. One of the most common practice is typing your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in reverse order if you are getting a feeling there is something wrong. This is also known as REVERSE PIN of the ATM. This security feature is accepted by all ATM machines however it will automatically complain to the closest police station.

Be careful with your PIN and do not write it on your hand or backside of the card or the ATM card cover. You need to memorize it.

This is very common tip that never use PIN which is identical to your name, birthday, telephone number, or car number etc. PIN must be very strong.

Taking Precautions Once You are Inside the ATM Booth

Take a look once you are inside the ATM booth. If you notice there is a camera or anything unusual then avoid using the ATM. There could be instruments planted to retrieve your account details.

Cover your screen and do not let others to see it when transaction is going on.

Do not forget to press CANCEL button once you are done with transaction.

Avoid spending time in ATM. You must withdraw money quickly. Take few seconds for collecting cash and writing slips or other activities. Fill all transaction related slips and other deposit slips in your home and enter the ATM. Do not write in ATM booth, come prepared.

Taking Care with Your Transactions

For every transaction you do activate SMS alerts or mail alerts. It will help you tracking down all your transactions.

If you come to know that the transaction is incomplete then call the bank and ask them for further details. ATM will display if transaction is incomplete.

Keep transaction receipt with you and match it with bank statement.

Once it matches the bank statement and you feel receipt is of no use tear or shred it. You do not have to keep it with you.

If you are having any problem always ask help from your bank.

Other Simple Yet Effective Safety Tips

  • Always use an ATM that is in public area with security guards and clear lightings.
  • Be vigilant and keep an eye outside while you are withdrawing money. Notice something if you are suspicious
  • Always avoid taking help from someone else in the ATM. You should know everything because you cannot take help from unidentified person.
  • Do not take valuables like jewelry, cell phone and other accessories into the ATM.
  • If you find something is wrong then complain to the security guard outside the ATM.

So these were few safety measures that you need to take while withdrawing money from the ATM. I have learnt all of these from my own personal experience.


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