7 Most Common Mistakes in Starting a Home Based Job

There are number of people who are very successful in home based jobs but on the other hand there are many people who don’t get success at all & number of such people are more in this industry.

work from home mistakes

So why does this happen?

Why some people fail. I am working from home from the last 7 years & I have seen success & failure both but I learnt a lot from my failures. So I am going to share here my experience & it can really help many people to understand the reasons behind this.

What I experienced that people who got success do their home work properly before starting a work from home program. They make sure that the program they want to join meet their requirements like goals they want to achieve, match their skills & even if they are comfortable working with that.

These people keep their ego apart & try to learn everything gradually. They realize the importance of learning & are not in hurry to make hundreds of dollars next month. They put their genuine efforts & identify what it require to achieve their goals.

They don’t limit themselves to only 1 job but try 2 to 3 jobs & they face any failure with big heart. They have desire to get success.

7 Most common mistakes in home based jobs

Now lets understand who are the people who don’t get the success. Why are they not able to make any earnings? Why they fail in work from home jobs? I am going to explain you the most common mistakes people make while working from home.

1. They need big money

These people always look for the programs & offer where they can make lots of money. Most of the times, they get fooled by online scammers & the result is, they quit. Now these people complain that they are scammed by online sites & there is no way to make money from home. They don’t want to realize that what went wrong.

2. Join any program

This is another mistake that they join a program that don’t go with their expertise or their time schedule & comfort level. Its really very annoying to work on something that do not meet any of this criteria. Neither you will be interested in working on this & nor you will get sufficient time to work on this & the result will be, you quit.

3. Join unethical program

Even if you have all good intention to work on an ethical program to make money, you could be fooled by scammers & join an immoral program unknowingly. Check this article if you want to know how to identify a scam site.

4. No Research

You are not even bothered to do some proper research before joining any work from home job so that you can choose the best among many programs. It may take your time but at the end, you will find something that can give successful results to you.

5. Give up fast

Most of the people do their homework before joining any home based job but when they don’t earn anything even after trying for sometime, they get de-motivated. They feel its a scam & they just give up.

6. Join a home based business

Instead of trying for some work from home opportunity, they join home based business. Its like any other business where you needed continuous work, focus & even some investment.

These acts as the fuel in your home business & if you don’t put these things in your business, it starts decelerate.

7. No Outsourcing

Outsourcing has made the life much easier. But many people don’t want to outsource any of their work. They want to do everything on their own. There are many things which can take infinite time for you but if you hire someone, they can do it very cheap. This way, you can save your lots of time & the money (that you could have made if you would focused on other side).

There are many companies, which if you join can speed up your learning process. They could find out what are the common mistakes you are doing.

In my learning days, I have joined many programs & I strongly believe I could not have achieved success so fast, if I would not have joined them.

So these are 7 most common mistakes people make while starting a work from home program but there are other mistakes as well. There may be some unique problems as well. You need to identify them.

One of the your top priority must be to identify your profile. What are your expertise & proficiency, comfort levels, your income objective & time limitation.

Find out everything without fail. Take your time before you come to a final conclusion.

You must not forget that you will get paid only when you complete your work & someone get benefited through your work.

Even if you start a work from home business, you must be ready to put some extra time & investment.

So, its not a problem how you start your work from home job, but spending more time & understanding this properly will decide the outcome. So work hard in order to earn fast income & avoid these conventional mistakes.


  1. You said-In my learning days, I have joined many programs & I strongly believe I could not have achieved success so fast, if I would not have joined them.

    Please share wt was that programs you joined in learning days.


  2. hello priya madam iam intersted in work from home based jobs but i faild more times in this types of jobs and i stoped searching online jobs . because all people are scam that’s why i stoped.
    but i saw your site jobs8home i have some hope please madam give me trust online job please madam my email id
    [email protected]

  3. Dear Priya & other,

    since past 1 year i m hearing about the online jobs which gives satisfactory income, can u name them and also wanted to know how to enroll and what is the best way to get in, i m an accountant by profession and can spend time and effort as u said required for job from home business but i m not getting any one who can guide me.

    awaiting all your reply to get me on board.



  4. Very true, Priya. The most important things in starting a business is proper planning and implementation with experience. Most of the people fails in doing planning and goes in the wrong direction.

  5. Yes, online jobs sometimes promise good future for some people. They think that make money online is easy. But they don’t realize that actually all jobs need hard work and hard effort in order to result what we are dreaming of. Whatever it is online or offline job needs patience and hardworking. Only those who can focus on their ideas, have commitment and don’t give up easily will get their online success.
    Thank you for sharing…


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