1. Hello Priya ,
    i wished to clear my doubts on google adsense plan,
    1. do adsense only pay for the clicks on the ads through your blog,
    or is there any plan where they pay for just display of the advertisement ?

    2. Suppose if I am using a blogger.com plaform for blogging and i embed adsense into my page.
    then can i embed some other advertisement channel on the same page too? Or would google uncle feel bad about it ?

    Kindly help me with this, Thanking you.

  2. You have described very good about the google adsense but the one thing i like more about is that they are paying far much better than the other and the one thing i like and heard much is that some time may be without a actual reason they can ban your account.

  3. One thing which I hate about Adsense is their payment system. They should offer more options in India for payment (Paypal, direct deposit or anything which automates the process).

    • Harsh, I don’t have any problem with their payment system because its more than 5 years I never missed a single cheque from them. I have worked with many affiliate programs like CJ & Clickbank where it takes more than 15 days to reach the payment here & another 21 to 30 days to clear the dollar cheques. Yes, it will be better if we get the payment either through PayPal or direct deposit. Thanks for your comment.


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