10 Things to Consider for Indian Bloggers Before They Start Blogging

Blogging is great a way to make money as well as express yourself in blogosphere. However, in past decade blogging has purely become a mean to earn money. So if you are an Indian blogger then for you things might be little bit different from bloggers outside India.

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Hence we look what might you have to consider if you are an Indian blogger.

1. Whether Blogging will be a Full Time Career or Part Time

In India and around the world blogging is done on full time basis as well as part time basis. If you want to make blogging as your career choice then you have to figure out whether it is going to be your full time job or you will do in part time.

Do not take blogging casually, if you seriously think that you will make your living only through blogging then you have to take it as a full time job. You can even do blogging as your part time job and make money.

So Indian bloggers must be clear whether blogging will be there full time career or part time.

2. Blogging for Hobby or Just for Money

Indian bloggers should be clear whether they are blogging for the sake of money or they are doing it just out sheer passion.

There are many bloggers who blog just because they enjoy writing and communicating with their readers. However, there are bloggers who are basically called webmasters and they run a blog with an intention to make money year after year.

So both are two different things. Thus, you must be clear in which category do you fit in because there is a difference between blogging for money and blogging for hobby.

3. With Blogging you can NOT Earn a Living in Few Days or Months

As an Indian blogger do not start blogging with an intention that you will start earning enough money to feed your family. No it is not going to happen.

In blogging, you do start making money in few days or weeks. It is a process and it takes time to build a readership and then you start earning some amount of money.

Hence, if you want to be a blogger then do not leave your full time job. You must quit your job only when you are able to make enough money from blogging.

So, Indian bloggers should never make that mistake.

4. Knowledge of English

Never take the language for blogging casually. You must have basic knowledge and understanding of English. Here I am talking with respect to Indian bloggers.

In India, as we all know English is not their first language. Hence they do some basic mistakes in writing blogs which could be avoided.

Therefore, see to it, that you learn proper English and then start blogging if you are an Indian.

5. Very Less Genuine Indian Bloggers to Follow

In India, there are few blogger that could inspire you or you can look up to. So here, there is a real dearth of good bloggers. Hence, if you want to learn blogging then you have to come up with your own ideas.

You need to be creative as an Indian blogger. If you are copying some journal on the Internet and then writing your blog then it is not going to work.

So, Indian bloggers must know this fact that there are few good bloggers in India.

6. Niche or Topic of Your Blog

This is yet another challenge for an Indian blogger. He needs to think and come up with an idea on which he will be creating his blog.

To create a blog you need daily content which is unique and of high quality. Therefore, you have to choose the topic of your blog very carefully.

In India, you will find bloggers which normally writes about technology. In fact, most of the Indian bloggers are writing about technology. Very few of them write about arts, culture, life, health, beauty etc.

Hence, you decide the niche of your blog.

7. Writing Skill or Marketing Skill

As I said earlier blogging could be about your passion or making money. Similarly, you could be blogger either with a great writing skill or with a marketing skill. It means, normally bloggers have one of the skill.

In India, I have seen that bloggers usually lack marketing skill. They are simply not able to convince or persuade readers to sell products.

Hence, you need to acquire both of them in your blogging.

8. You Make Less Money through Contextual Advertising

These are few facts that an Indian blogger who is in blogging for a while now should know.

In India, if you are applying for an AdSense program then the cost-per-click (CPC) is very low compared to countries like USA.

So, Indian bloggers make less money relative to bloggers in developed countries.

9. You Make No Money through Affiliate Marketing

In contextual advertising Indian bloggers make less money but in affiliate marketing they do not make any money.

As a matter of fact, Indian bloggers do not make any money by selling products online through their blog. They still do not know how to sell products. There are many reasons for it which cannot be covered in one paragraph. Some of them are lack writing skills, in India people hardly have access to credit card, customers do not trust, etc.

It is because of these reasons you do not find affiliate marketers in India. All of them are from America.

10. No Social Recognition for Bloggers in India

Finally, this is the crux of our entire debate. In India, still people are not aware of blogging. They do not think blogging as a serious career.

Here, what they all know is professions like doctor, engineers, lawyers etc. Still blogging is not very much in India.

Young generation living in urban India only knows about blogging, rest of India is totally unaware about this term.

Thus, it is hard to find social acceptability when it comes to blogging in India.


Well! In this article, I highlighted some of the problems that bloggers in India might face. So, it is advised that they take note of them before they start blogging.

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  1. “Not all Indian’s are aware of blogging” this is so true. Actually, they don’t have enough knowledge of blogging, how online world works. Most of them don’t even trust in online income.

    Bloggers like you can launch online webinars, events and spread awareness. Starting a blogging career can give us financial freedom with passive income. Your considerations are worth reading, extremely useful for beginners.


  2. I think the best way to start blogging in india is wewrite.in, you don’t have to build a web, not have to spend on hosting or anything, just sign up and publish your article, there user friendly UI makes it easy plus you don’t have to write and publish at the same time you can write and publish letter as all your articles get saved in the drafts tool, best part the company has announced that they are going to Monetize this year and will be givi 70% of what they make per article to the author.

  3. It’s very informative, helpful, caution giving for all those who start their venture in blogging.

  4. Being an Indian, I can understand all this factors. Really good article.Even I am struggling to prove blogging as full time career.
    Thank you very much.

  5. I am staying rural area , i am not speach fluent english and also not systametacally or gramatacally writing. Pls teach spoken english and writing

  6. Hey hi, i found it very useful , could u help me with stating the steps of starting a new blog of mine.
    It wud be so kind of you if you do the honours of sending me those steps ..

  7. I want to reach out people, I write do a social writing. I want to know how to reach the more people out and help them understand social values in life.
    It is my passion. I want to do out of my passion and not to earn money.
    How could I start and where do I need to approach to create my blog?

  8. I want to become a blogger, how can i start in a proffesional way, i already wrote blog at blogger under indiakafuture name,
    Please help

  9. very useful article for start blogging.i want to know all steps for make my own blog.please mail me if you get some spare minutes.
    thank you.

  10. Pritam Nagrale ji I love to read ur this article. I want to take up blogging as a part time job
    but i m still not clear about the procedure of becoming one.

    can u plz guide me? i m interested in Art/life/beauty.

    looking fr ur reply.

  11. The things that you pointed out in your Article related to problems that Indian Bloggers face, every beginner blogger in India should keep these points in his/her mind before starting a blog or choosing blogging as full time job for own self.

    Thanks 🙂

  12. Excellent note, all of these right main problem we have no any idea on blogging. so please if you have some time to give me some advice to mail me because i am very interested to use my own a blogg. i am belong from rural area.

  13. Good write-up Priya. I guess it’s more about giving time to your writing. There are many bloggers who start their own blog with enthusiasm but soon they start feeling bored of it and quit. That way they can’t reach anywhere. So one should start if they are mentally prepared to devote time.


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