10 Reasons Why Should a Job Seeker Create a LinkedIn Profile?

As we all know LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. If you are a job seeker of any age group then you can make best use of it.

LinkedIn could also be a great platform for employers and recruiters who are looking for candidates for their companies. Hence, LinkedIn can benefit both sides.

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But in this blog we will use LinkedIn from the point of view of a job seeker. I will tell you 10 reasons, how LinkedIn profile could help you immensely in finding a job.

Although a lot has been written on the benefits of having a LinkedIn profile but in this blog we will see it from a different angle.

1. Linked Profile Important than Your Resume

Your LinkedIn profile could be more important than your resume. It is a fact, recruiters and HR managers first prefer to go to the LinkedIn for searching for new recruits.

If they do not find a candidate there, only then they post an ad in newspaper or other journals. Hence if you have a profile then you will be easily noticed on the LinkedIn first.

Many times, recruiters get their most of the employees from LinkedIn only and hence they do not require giving a single advertisement in newspapers.

So as a job seeker you should try your best to get noticed first at LinkedIn. Thus, you must create a profile on LinkedIn.

2. Promote Yourself Using a Blog or Website

Next is promoting yourself in the eyes of top recruiters and employers. You can create a free blog which is optimized for search engines and rank high whenever a recruiter makes a search.

You can go at “My Website” category in your LinkedIn profile and give the description of blog or website you created.

If you daily update your blog with relevant content then one day an employer would surely notice you.

Hence LinkedIn also allows you to promote yourself and gives you more opportunity than others for recruiting. Create a blog and start promoting yourself on LinkedIn.

3. Search for Fresh Jobs Daily

The job board’s function of LinkedIn allows you to search fresh jobs on daily basis. Although every job-providing website has this feature but LinkedIn is special.

Several job opportunities or openings mentioned in LinkedIn job boards are unique to LinkedIn only. It simply means, those job listings present on LinkedIn, you will not find on other job-providing websites.

Now this is a great feature because you can find jobs which others cannot find.

Moreover, recruiters who post these job listings would offer you a personal connection. You can build a network of such recruiters and stay in touch with them for the latest updates.

So having a LinkedIn Profile for a job seeker is of utmost importance.

4. Prepare for Interviews Using LinkedIn Profile

Having a LinkedIn profile could help you immensely in preparing an Interview. You could read about the recruiters who are going to take interview.

You can find such recruiters and read their profile to know what they are talking about.

Reading their profile and things that they mentioned there would allow you to get an insight about the recruiters.

So when you face an interview you could answer according to them. However, you would have to do some research and find as many as recruiters.

Once you know about them then you could also build a personal rapport on the LinkedIn.

5. Get Noticed by Recruiters or Employers

As I said earlier, a LinkedIn profile could help you to get noticed by recruiters very easily. In other words, LinkedIn profile can give you an exposure which is much larger than any other medium.

Here when I say getting noticed by employers, it means I am talking about the premium membership.

If you are paid member of LinkedIn then exposure to various recruiters increases substantially. As a job seeker you could get invitation for a job from recruiters very easily.

However, you have to pay a price for that and you would worth that price.

6. Show on the Top of Search Results when Applying for Jobs

Moreover Google, the search engine giant, loves LinkedIn. It is not necessary that the hiring managers would only go to LinkedIn to hire employees.

They could start searching directly on Google search engine. So if they are searching to hire for a particular job and your LinkedIn profile shows on the top of the search result then you might be picked up from there only.

It is simply because Google loves LinkedIn profile and if you have a profile on LinkedIn then you will easily be noticed through various search engines.

It again proves the importance of a LinkedIn profile.

7. You Could Get Referred from Your Former Boss or Colleagues

Your LinkedIn profile is noticed by various people like your former boss or colleagues. It can happen that they know you and they might refer for a job that you are also looking.

Hence, you will be lucky to get a job just by reference. It normally happens that hiring managers come across certain profiles that they are not interested in but their friends who are also hiring-managers need that particular candidate. And they might recommend you.

LinkedIn profile could also get you a reference.

8. Keep Track of People Who Visited your Profile

You could also keep track of people who have visited your profile. You might have seen a box on right hand side of your profile page saying so many people have viewed your profile in so many days.

This is a great way to know who all visited your profile because you can get in touch with them. They can be recruiters or they can be other job seekers just like you.

Hence, you could engage with them in a dialogue.

9. Determine Direct Competition Using Advanced Search

This is yet another cool advantage of having a profile on LinkedIn for a job seeker. You could find other job seekers like you who are also looking for jobs.

Using advanced people search you can enter location and search for within 50 miles. There you can get to know other competitors like you. This feature is present on upper right hand side of the screen.

10. Take Part in Discussions

Last but not the least is take part in discussions on discussion boards. You can share your experiences and find out answers to those questions that you do not know or have doubt in mind.

If you are active on discussions board then it will also help you to promote your profile on LinkedIn.


Finally, I will conclude by saying that linked profile is very essential for a job seeker. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile then you are missing a great opportunity for being recruited.

Hence, read 10 points to know why you should have a profile there.

If you do not have then create now.


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