Why Private Jobs are Better Than Government Jobs

Well! I have been working in a private company for over 5 years. 5 years back, I got an opportunity to work for a govt job but I decided not to work.

The reasons because of which, I refused to work for a government job were many. These reasons are mentioned in this article.

5 years back, I did not know all these reasons but I knew that a job in private sector is better than a government job and 5 years later I am proved to be right.

After working 5 years for a private company I feel private jobs are better than government jobs.

Private Jobs vs Govt Jobs

So why private jobs are better than Govt Jobs?

Here are 10 reasons why I feel so.

1. Every Day Is New, Adventurous & Challenging

In a private sector job your every day is a new day with a lot of adventure and challenge. The excitement that you get every morning when you wake up is truly amazing.

On the other side, government jobs are usually dull and mundane. You have to do same thing again and again. In fact, there is nothing new to do.

Your job profile hardly changes over the period of time. Government jobs are for the people who want to sit idle, doing nothing.

But for a person, who loves challenges and adventure, would never like a government job.

2. Work-Culture

Work-culture of a private sector job and a government job is completely different. In fact, they are negation of each other.

As I said earlier, in government jobs your work profile does not change over the time. It normally remains the same.

But in private jobs your work profile changes as you make progress in your career. Moreover, the professionals or colleagues that you come to know while working for a private job are excellent. You can always learn something new from them.

Overall environment of a private job is very enabling. On the contrary, this is totally missing in government jobs.

3. Pure Merit

Concept of promotion is present in both, private jobs as well as government jobs. But promotion in a private sector job is totally different than a government job.

The big difference is of Merit. In a private job promotion is awarded on the basis of merit. Company will see your daily performance in the office. They award to a person who deserves the most because he or she is hardworking and honest.

However, this is not the case in a government job. If you have a reference then an inferior employee can supersede a superior one. And the worst part is, you cannot complain about it, you have to accept it.

So promotion and other rewards are not fair in government jobs. That’s why private jobs are better than a Government job.

4. Adequate Remuneration

Remuneration is your monthly salary plus other perks & privileges. In a private job you will get enough remuneration that you can buy your own home in 5 to 6 years.

However in a government job monthly salary is so less that you are not capable of having your own home. In simple terms you cannot pay for the mortgage.

Moreover, in government jobs monthly salary is fixed and there are no increments. If they are, then that is too little.

However, in private jobs you can make money as much as you can. You just have to work hard. Hence there are no limitations for remuneration in a private job.

5. Great Future Prospect

Everyone looks for his or her future and future of private sector jobs is very promising compared to government jobs. The main reason is, now in colleges young graduates are more interested in joining a private company.

In fact, the awareness about government jobs among younger generation is very less. If you go to a college campus, they hardly know anything about it.

They are more inclined towards private jobs because it is more glamorous.

Moreover, government itself is not capable of providing jobs to millions of youth, therefore only private sector can do it.

In future, private sector jobs are bound to grow.

6. A Developed Personality

You will be able to develop your personality and face the world with lot more confidence after working few years for a private company.

It is because of your grooming and hard work that you will evolve as a better human being.

In a government job you cannot develop your personality because there is no such work-culture as present in a private job.

In fact, even a low paying private sector job can help you to grow your personality. You can carry yourself more confidently as compared to a person working for a government job.

7. Personal Touch for Employees

Private companies do care about their employees & workers. They treat their employees as assets. The future of a private company totally depends upon the well-being of their employees.

If employees are happy and satisfied then the work productivity increases hence more profit for the company.

However in a government job, whether you work or not there is no profit or loss. Therefore senior officials give a damn about their employees because their well-being is not going to affect the government.

8. Strong Value System

Private companies have strong value system because there is a feeling of accountability. However, in a government job you are not accountable to anyone.

Companies have to be accountable to their customers and share holders. If they consistently do not make profit then they cannot survive. And profit totally depends upon employees.

So caring their employees is one of the value systems of a private company.

Therefore, private companies have to maintain a culture of integrity and transparency. However in government sector, a strong value system is somehow missing.

9. Helping the Economy of the Country

Future of a country is bright if the private sector keeps creating wealth for the country.

On the opposite side, government jobs are liability on the national treasury. Government has to subsidize them so that they can run effectively.

They are burden on the country. Not all of them but still a large number.

However, a private company is an asset for a country because it pays huge money in the form of tax and generates a lot of employment.

Moreover, in the crunch time they do not need bail out plans.

Hence for economic growth of a country private sector is very important.

10. Giving Something Back to Society

Private companies have undertaken many projects that helps to build a better society, hence a better world.

For example, IT Company like IBM undertakes projects to make our life easy. In fact, their motto is “let’s make a better planet”

So if you work for this company as a small member of a big team then you are privileged to change this planet for better.

You totally miss this, in a government job.

I hope 10 reasons are enough to convince you that a private job is better than a government job.



    It is always better to be independent rather then to be under a boss.Private job gives independence & provide added support to day to day living & improve our living style, culture & future prospects.Private job give job satisfaction & happy atmosphere

  2. Katta.laxman says

    It is very useful for earning money at working in home. Survey useful to known product importance in market and give the suggestion to manufacturing company.and also had experiance in marketing field.

  3. Katta.laxman says

    Private jobs are better than govt job because private sector work efficency increased.&communiction skills also increased.pramotions are cames as our talent that’s means growing speedly.and salaries are obtain very high

  4. M K Thulasidas says

    In private company if you work hard, promotion chances are high.
    Of-course we can improve our life-style much better
    Make Corporate culture


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