Why Mutual Fund is Better than Other Investments

People earning money on a monthly basis cannot save in their bank account due to their expenses. Thus, investment is the great way of keeping your money for future. You can find varied types of investment schemes in the market. Choosing the plan which matches your need is really important.

If the investment is related to market, risk will be a part. But there are other options of investments where the risk will be minimized. Mutual funds are one of such kind available in the market. You can now get many advantages of mutual fund as compared to other investment plans.Mutual Fund

Benefits of Mutual Fund over Other Investments

No market analysis

An individual willing to make an investment in a stock market needs to analyze the market and then choose the particular stock to investment. In maximum cases, help of the experts are needed. But, if you want to make an investment in mutual fund, no market analysis is required. You can only concentrate on buying funds.

Professionally managed funds

Generally a small investor has a doubt that they cannot manage the funds that they have purchased. But, if you are buying the mutual funds, it will be quite feasible to expect their investment managed by professionals. If your investment sum is too less, investments on other plans becomes very difficult. But, the professional managed team of brokers will manage your funds in a systematic order.

Transaction cost

If you compare the transaction cost of mutual fund investments with other form of investments, the transaction cost of MF will be much cheaper than the others. Thus, people having financial constraint will also think of reducing the transaction cost as well.


An important reason of people’s inclination over the mutual fund investment is its diversification. Your funds can be easily diversified in various sectors in the market. Since your funds are not restricted in one sector and are deployed in other sectors, the risk of losing money will be reduced. If you lose in one fund, you can gain in other fund. This way, it will be quite easy to get a balance in your funds.


Even if you have invested money in order to side some of your revenue for future needs, money can be in need suddenly during the emergency situation. Unlike other investment policies which have a locking period, MF does not have such complications. You can easily withdraw the amount when you are in need of money during your emergencies such as medications, marriage renovation etc.

People prefer mutual funds over other types of investment options as tracking its value will be very easy. The risk factor in investment in real estate will be quite lower than that of other investment options. If you are a novice and wish to invest in a stock market, starting with mutual fund investment will be better option. Since the risk factor is less over here as well as the amount you can invest is also quite lower.


  1. Rathnaraj roberts says

    Priya madam,
    Mutual funds are operated by money managers, who work for small gains (fees) for the profit of fund’s investors. Mutual funds are popular because they make investing in ‘financial markets’ easy. Investment should always be done wisely after understanding completely, well seeking advice from specialists. Every thing has got its own advantage and disadvantage. There are different types of mutual funds. Each has its own benefits and risks. You should not forget that technology has improved very much in this scientific world in all the fields. Like-wise ‘Fraud’ has also improved and not left any field to survive comfortably. Thank you for helping to refresh.
    with regards

  2. S Madhavan says

    Ms priya
    My brother and I had bad experience of losing sizable amount when we invested in MF. Can u please suggest me certain basic yardstick to be considered which fund is best to be invested so that my money is safe.

  3. rameshwar Prasad Sinha says

    most or say all agents make fool for there comission and the invester suffer always. for person who donot understandscomercial details must go for F.D. only.

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