A List of Top Indian Scams from 1980

A scam is a false plan which is performed by a corrupt individual, group, or a company in an effort to obtain the money or something besides of value. The scams are usually inherent in the confidence actions, where a human being will misrepresent themselves as an important person with a skill or power.

As far as India is concerned, there are a number of top scams has happened between 1980- 2013. The total loss since 1980 from all scams may go more than Rs. 90000000000000 (90 lakh crore)

Given below are some of the top scams which have taken place in India in the following years:-

Top Indian Scams

List of Top Indian Scams from 1980

Check here the list of top scams & details you might not know-

Bofors Scandal

  • Year- 1980s and 1990s
  • Main person behind the scam- Congress politicians and Rajiv Gandhi and several others
  • Scam Details- Bofors scam got exposed under the term of V.P. Singh as defense head and in next general poll it cost Rajiv Gandhi as well as congress and they filed to win the polls.
  • Status- Disclosed

Indian Coal Mining or Coalgate Scam

  • Year- March, 2012
  • Main person behind the scam- A political scam about the Indian administration’s allotment
  • Scam Details- Inapt system of allotment of coal mines to private firms were found by CAG that cost country over Rs 180000 Crores
  • Status- Solved

The Securities Scam

  • Year- 1992
  • Main person behind the scam- Harshad Mehta
  • Scam Details- Under this scandal, Harshad was making use of bank receipts of public sector banking institutions in order to purchase stocks.
  • Status- Disclosed and solved

Karnataka Wakf Board Land Scam

  • Year- March, 2012
  • Main person behind the scam- Anwar Manipaddi
  • Scam Details- It concerns the so called embezzlements of Rs. 2000 billions in the country’s goods funds
  • Status- Solved

Uttar Pradesh NRHM Scam

  • Year- 2003
  • Main person behind the scam- Top political leaders as well as bureaucrats
  • Scam Details- this scandal was also alleged to have siphoned off a gigantic amount anticipated at 100 billion.
  • Status- solved

2G Spectrum Scam

  • Year- 2007
  • Main person behind the scam- A telecom minister, A Raja
  • Scam Details- The scandal was illegitimately undercharging mobile telephone firms for the frequency allotment authorizations
  • Status- CBI investigation is taking place in this case

Uttar Pradesh Food Grain Scam

  • Year- 2002 and 2010
  • Scam Details- destined to be distributed food to the deprived people via PDS
  • Status- Solved

Common Wealth Scams

  • Year- 2010
  • Main person behind the scam- Several well-known Indian political leaders (Suresh Kalmadi) and social campaigners
  • Scam Details- Acc. to reports, out of 70000 Crore rupees allocated for the game only half were spent and rest shown on papers.
  • Status- Solved

Telgi Scam

  • Year- January, 2006
  • Main person behind the scam-Karim Abdul Telgi
  • Scam Details- Abdul Karim Telgi sold counterfeit stamp papers to people, banking institutions, insurance firms and share-broking companies via 300 mediators. This scandal cost country over Rs 20000 crore.
  • Status- Solved

Satyam Scam

  • Year- 2009
  • Main person behind the scam- RamalingaRaju
  • Scam Details- B RamalingaRaju embezzled books as well as exaggerated facts that resulted in a scandal, which had a loss of around Rs 8000 crore.
  • Status- It got solved but suffered losses

Fake Check Scam

  • Year- 2011
  • Main person behind the scam- Frank Abagnale
  • Scam Details- A bank scam
  • Status- revealed

The Fodder Scam

  • Year- 1996
  • Main person behind the scam- Lalu Prasad Yadav as well as the former chef minister, Jagannath Mishra
  • Scam Details- This scandal came into existence in the year 1996 in the city of Chiapas when the animal husbandry section found bribery in funds of approximately Rs 950 crore destined to buy cattle food, medications and animal husbandry tools in the state of Bihar.
  • Status-Solved

The Hawala Scam

  • Year- 1991
  • Main persons behind the scam- political leaders via four hawala brokers, the Jain brothers
  • Scam Details- In the year 1991, an arrest connected to radicals in Kashmir resulted in a raid on hawala agents, Jain brothers. They disclosed thrilling news of giving over rs 1000 crore via hawala racket to a lot of political leaders comprising L. K. Advani, Shankar and many more.
  • Status- Disclosed

Oprah Ticket Scam

  • Year- 2006
  • Main person behind the scam- Dr. Phil
  • Scam Details- it was a confidence scam that got discovered by a renowned doctor
  • Status- Disclosed

IPL Scam

  • Year- 2013
  • Main person behind the scam- Sreesanth, AjitChandila and AnkeetChanvan
  • Scam Details- This scandal gave the fake outcomes to the community
  • Status- Solved

Chopper Deal Scam

  • Year- Early 2013
  • Main person behind the scam- A lot of senior functionaries and helicopter maker AgustaWestaland
  • Scam Details- Scandals in the choppers
  • Status- Revealed

Stock Market Scam

  • Year- 1992
  • Main person behind the scam- Harshad M Mehta
  • Scam Details- He discovered a tendency to buy stock before his scandal of Rs 4000 crore. He utilized the finances from inter-bank deals to purchase shares at a premium crosswise many segments.
  • Status- Solved

Ketan Parekh Scam

  • Year- 2008
  • Main person behind the scam – Ketan Parekh
  • Status- Disclosed

Bellary Mining Scam

  • Year- 2009
  • Main person behind the scam- G. Janardhana Reddy
  • Scam Details- Reddy Brother supposedly paid bribe to pocket Mining Deals from Yedurappa. Reddy brothers were also believed to encroached jungle land, and mined larger region than permitted
  • Status- Disclosed and solved

So, given above are some of the top scandals in India which have taken place from the year 1980 till now and has been made by the well-known personalities of the country. Find more scams & reviews here.



  1. uttam kumar says

    Thanks Ms. Priya

    to inform me,
    what will happened with my country.
    one thing i would like to inform u if i get chance to justice i give order to hang to kill every one who involved in this scams.

  2. Binay Shankar Prasad says

    Dear Priya
    Indian Politician & Burocrates know tha mentality of Indian peoples. We listen from news channel & print media. We are gossiping to each other & after some times we forgotten about this. But peoples are slowly being aware. Its burning example is Delhi election.

    B S Pd

  3. Ramachandran A G says

    The scams go on. Lot of people investing huge amount of time in order to earn part time, but in vain. How are they going to recover their investment /

  4. Prem Kumar says

    It is very interesting to know the above fact.
    But it will be more helpful if you put that whether it is actual loss or it is an extrapolated value on the basis of differencial calculations?

  5. Aamir says

    Well, Thanks priya for gathering the complete information about scams and for creating awareness to the people.
    What is Government? Why is Government ? Who is Government ? The group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office, administration, executive, regime, authority, powers that be, directorate, council, leadership, management. “Government is We the People, By the People, For the People “, So at this time of 2013 end where we are standing ? at zero 0, India has given a zero and from that zero’s todays some bad politicians / and some bad culprits very well misusing zeros. how much money they need ? will these culprits can able to purchase their own life with that money ? Ghareeb insaanaun ka Haq cheen ke khaaogey to kabhi hazam nahi karpaogey, Haraam ka Haraam me hi jaata , Haye-Badduwaaein lekar marengey waqt se paheley dhokebaaz fraud cheaters, haraamiaun ki pooch paheley hogi, these criminals will go to hell immediately, Jawaab dena hai “Khuda” ko marney ke baad. sudhar jaao sambhal jao naa-paak insaanaun.

    According to me & for me real Government is “GOD” The only 1Universal Leader King , everythings belongs to him properties every assets every liabilities every sources every resources, har ek cheez…! even our human bodies & souls belongs to him. so scare / fear with him , Khuda se daro, be right do right get right here in this world n also life here after. Specially Saudi Arab and the whole Gulf is being blessed by Main Government = (“ALLAH” / “God”) and filled them with never ending Treasures Gold, Oil, Petrol, Power, Peace until the dooms day. and they still have Strict laws, Strict rules, Strict Implementation, Strictly following, Strict right Justice, Strict Punishments for every one by keeping the fear of “God”. They have Kingdom rule.

    Our Country INDIA should have also Kingdom rule strict laws mainly strict implementation of laws, strict punishments for every culprits/ criminals, then we can delete / remove harmful culprits viruses / corruptions easily, then henceforth there wont be any losses of Rs.1234567890000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…………..!!! So dear good people be united & fight for our rights and change our system. i know there wont be any unity, life of ( 31536000 seconds/ 60 years ‘or’ approximately 3153600000 seconds/ 100 years) goes on running behind money.

    Hyderabad – INDIA.

  6. Sunil Christopher Soans says

    Hi Priya,
    The Securities scam and stock market scams are one and the same. The fake cheque scam is not from India, but happened in US. The Oprah ticket scam is also, not from India. None the less, we should brainstorm on possibilities of recovering these monies. Swiss bank account investigation can be a way forward.

  7. Amit says

    Ho Raha Bhatat Gulaam !!!! Congress Hatao Desh Bachao…..
    All scams done in the era of Congress.
    Where is Lok pal bill now?
    why those are
    not asking for the same?
    Its in process HA HA HA..
    now where is
    AAM ADMIN???????
    THIS IS foolish questions,
    No value……………………………
    this is a fight system v/s system.
    so system is always be there and once system become a party then the same thing happenings are common, as in shape of scams……………….
    anna said,”mai kosi party ko samrthan nahi deta wo is liye,unho ne system se fight krne ke liye system banaya ban gayi party…
    kya kuch ho sakta hai desh ka ya to president rule laga do na rahe gi party na rahe ga ghatia system.

    • vijayakumar.v.s. says

      dear priya mam,
      can you kindly let me know which is the best online business we can do which is without any scam or cheaters. i get lot of emails stating to do per day earnings, hourly you can earn so much etc., but pay by credit card so much dollars with discounts also for start ups. Is this all reliable ? kindly inform me the same & oblige. eagerly awaiting to hear from your end.
      with regards,

  8. kd says

    Thanks Priya, view for corrupted Politicians . Priya please asked me real email reading or Ptc job work websites without any scams sites

  9. ranjith reddy says

    That was wonderful information. But after seeing this every one will think
    that some one should punish them but no one comes forward
    to do fight against corruptiom.

  10. Rathnaraj roberts says

    Priya madam,
    Information gathered and presentation indicates one thing in common ie.:wide net work involvement.(Top tobottom)
    Two departments Police (where life is lost) and Law (where truth is lost) are missing. May be because the amount involved here is not so big.
    Good work, Thank you



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