1. says

    An Excellent eye opener for All !!! Now a days many of the people gets victimised easily to all such fraud scams . Very informative article & lot of research done behind . Keep up the good work …

    • rudraswamy says

      hello, priya,
      thanks for u r information ,
      can u plz give me the details of a website that can give promptly returns for online work from home.

  2. shridhar says

    good girl. but pls can u get me a job in home or out
    iam a technical engineer who have all softwares and troubleshooting
    in laptops desktops everything mobiles……..
    can u get me a job.

  3. Aashish says

    Thanks this is very true will most online money making sites. So it is very importanct to know the clear picture of these scames……

  4. says

    Priya Madam,
    It is really a very good topic which is very much needed at this hour.
    Beautifully drafted and presented, Scams are like virus on the net.
    Fast money always ends up here. Lot of very useful information.
    Thank you, Keep it up, with regards

  5. dilawer says

    Thnx so much ,Priya.
    I would like to know if QNET is already in the dumps.
    I have invested sizeable amount in the QNET.
    Can somebody guide me how to recover/ what course of action I should take.

    • Rajneesh says

      Hi Dilawer,

      QNET is NOT A SCAM. I have been to their headquartes at Hong Kong and their Regional Head Office at Kuala Lumpur. I have met the MD (Pathman Sanathiraja). My friends and my team are growing in QNET with good success. Can anyone prove that it is a scam?

  6. ramesh kumar sahu says

    thanks priya. i suffered many loss due to these type plan. i like to tell you another type scam which i suffer in lot.

    i receive message in my facebook account from a girl to help her. she would visit my country and she would marry me. she is rich and have millions of dollar in her name in particular bank, which is deposited by her father in her name and passes away by an accident. now she live with a man who help her but she fill insecure there and run to any country by the help of one like me. at present she contact with me, she love me and want to meet me. now she want financial help to meet me.

    i avoid this but the hole story is like this.


  7. vijay says

    dear priya…
    tell me one think that according to you all this type of site are feck and cheat the people every time…. or only just few of site cheat the people…………..

    • Priya says

      Hi Vijay,
      This post is not about the website but about the ways people can cheat you. Some of the websites mentioned for reference are already closed.

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