Top 6 Part Time Jobs for Students in Chennai

Chennai is my home city. I was born and brought up in this city. After attending college I started to work in this city. What I found out that Chennai has some of the best part time jobs compared to other cities in the country.

One of the fastest growing industries in Chennai is Automobile. In fact, soon Chennai would be Detroit of Asia. However, there are some other companies also. After working for years what I found out that there are two categories of part time jobs. One is for skilled labor and other is for unskilled labor.

If you study in college and don’t have extra money then you could work somewhere, part time basis and earn some cash. You could work for 4 to 5 hours and easily make Rs 4000/- to Rs 5000/- per month.

Part Time Jobs for Students in Chennai

There are certain jobs that suits college students and housewives and you can also try it. In the list below, first 3 part time jobs are skilled jobs and remaining is unskilled.

1. Call Center Jobs

The first part time job that you could find is the call center. The job is very simple you had to answer calls like in customer care.

All the training would be given to you by your employer. You have to offer solution to the customers when they call you. There are two types of call center, one is domestic and other one is international.

Part time jobs for call center are available mainly in domestic sector. It means you have to call or attend phone calls within the country.

You need to have good communication skills and knowledge of at least two to three languages. First one is the Tamil, English and then Hindi.

Mostly domestic call center would ask for 10+2 or Intermediate as educational qualification and some are ready to take even 10th pass.

But you must have knowledge of the languages.

2. Teaching Assistant

The second part time job would be a teaching assistant. You could find this job in college or school. If you’ve done your college then you could become a teaching assistant in a college or a school.

Every day new colleges and schools are opening up, they require teaching assistants who can teach students. You could work there on part time basis and earn some extra money.

You could easily earn Rs 6000 to Rs 7000/- monthly by assisting professors in colleges or taking up classes for students.

I did this job for at least 6 months and made good amount of money working for 3 to 4 hours in a college.

However, you must have completed your college and teach students in a classroom.

3. A tutor

This job is also like previous job but here you don’t have to go anywhere because you can start right in your home.

You could bring in children from your neighbourhood and start giving tuition. You could take up class for class 12th maths and physics.

Everybody wants tuition for maths and physics. You could take up at least 10 to 15 children in 2 to 3 batches. You have to have 3 to 4 hours and you could easily make Rs 6000/- to Rs 7000/- per month.

If you like then you could take classes for class 10th also. However, you must be a graduate and have sufficient knowledge of the subject you are teaching. You can also become a home tutor.

Now rest of the three part time jobs in Chennai are for low skilled people.

4. Office Boy

Office boy is a great part time job, if you are at least 10th pass. However, now a days you must have the knowledge of computers and MS office at least.

If you are not going to college and have free time then you can work as an office boy for two to three months. You could easily make up to Rs 5000/- to Rs 6000/- a month.

If you have more skills like MS office, working with excel then you could make more money. You do not need any special skills to be an office boy and the job is also available in abundance.

5. Supermarket Employee

Supermarket employee or stock boy is also a good part time job in Chennai if you don’t have any educational qualification like you are just 10+2 then you could find a job here.

You could also work for cafeteria like Barista, Café Coffee Day, Mc Donalds, Pizzahut etc. You could also become cashier on the checking counter. These are some of the supermarket jobs that you can find in Chennai.

If you work for at least 4 to 5 hours then you could make Rs 4000/- to Rs 5000/-. Some of them also pay on hourly basis. So you could find many such jobs in the city.

6. Driving

Finally, driving could be little bit difficult. But it has some great money involved in it. If you can drive a tourist vehicle then you could make good amount of money.

You could work for part time at least 4 to 5 years driving cars and earn up to Rs 7000/- to Rs 8000/- in a month.

However, you have to have driver license. If you are not good at driving then you could leave this job.

Therefore, these were 6 part time jobs in Chennai. First three of them are for skilled labour and other three are for unskilled labour.


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  4. amutha says

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