• Attavar Nagesh says

      Though I love to work on internet I should not work for companies like PAISALIVE as I fully agree with the comments made above as I am also one of the victims

  1. Atal says

    Paisalive and rupyalive both are scams . Paisa has not paid to my niece since 4 months . I am planning to email the companies whose advertisement it promotes .

    I am earning very good from other internet website . If you like to earn you can visit my website

  2. ziko says

    yes u r absolutely damn correct u no i got a balance of 1350 rupees in paisa live wen i reddem it its almost went to 3 months till its nt coming till date it dint came ne single rupee. these sites de literally fool people around who wants to make sum money fuck diss sites!!!!!!!!

  3. Pranjit Saikia says

    i earned Rs.800 and Redemmed it but 5 months Have gone but they did not give me my money…PaisaLive Is A Great Fraud….So,Frnds stay Away From PaisaLive…..

  4. Kalpana says

    Y!!pp, i also joined paisa live, this site are fraud, in other words scam website. I m completing 100 of above its offers, special promotions etc. But they every time show me payment pending for validation. They always making me fool. Please, ignore this site. This is a scam site.

    • LAVANKUMAR says


  5. asish mukherjee says

    request you to check one site who claim to be an Indian part of Rackspace outsourcing based at U.K. Please give us a feedback on the veracity of their claim. Lastly thank you very much for your articles. I subscribed to you and send you my profile i.d. on facebook, google+, and linkedin but you have not intimated me about receiving free Premium package as promised by you. expecting a mail. thanking you once again.

  6. Ahmed says

    paisalive is a big scam and fraud site.i work in this site before 4 month but i no recieve any money from paisa live ………he is a big fraud……no body join this site.

  7. saravanan says

    can u temme a secure and money making online jobs that are not scam…plss let me know some of the true money making websites..

  8. Austin Woods says

    I Really Think that the Above mentioned Blog Is correct.Paisa Live is a scam.
    My Income at paisa live is over 760 INR and I have send a request of payment withdrawal on 27 of march 2012 and today its 18 June 2012 I have not received any money from them and neither any of my friends to whom I have Forwarded the link to join paisa live have received any money…..whenever we try to contact them they sometimes they say address is not verified.
    I don’t understand right now where I stay My family is staying here from last 60 years.
    How come a place in central Kolkata Cannot be Verified.
    The last email I received from them on 27 may 2012 is that my cheque has been dispatched and I will be receiving it within one weak.Its more then 15 days no cheque has arrived.
    I think I have really wasted A lot of time behind this bull shit.
    I will like to inform everyone who is Reading this blog “Paisalive Is a Scam”
    They are here just to make you fool.
    And I am really sorry I am writing My fake Name Just For privacy reasons.


  9. says

    If anybody wants to earn huge income, without doing anythig! Yes, without doing anything. Just join free and get $10 loan (for 45 days) earn 2% profit daily.

  10. meghna says

    What is ridiculous is that one can end up spending more on electricity & net usage for filling all the nasty forms if u r working from home, & what u can show for it? one rupee, two or five! it is better to break stones at a quarry & earn by manual labour.At least u will get paid . n much better.! I wasted one day on these faltu sites, but more!

  11. Romit says

    Dear all,
    I totally disagree with all of you who are saying that paisalive is a fraud site. I eexplored this site, its history and came to know that it was originally a site developed by Vyom Technosoft, bangaluru and than their partner ship brokeed and this site went in hands of Phoenix adv softwrs.
    Now the site carries almost 70,000 peoples data who have worked for the site via registration. but unfortunately 70% of data is still with its parent company and child company is trying hard to recover it. secondly you should send them in mails regularly as the the above person and I did to receive our payments. I have received almost 30k from this site with in last 3 months and i started working by Mach 2012 end.
    So try and try again and get paid what you deserve.

  12. dinesh says

    paisalive is a fruad i completed earnings of 1500 requested for payment when my earnings is 500 did not get the check

  13. liza says

    hey guys, i’v also jus joined Paisalive rite b4 readin yr reviews….. :(
    i wana delete my account from there…..plz help…..

  14. deepjyoti sonowal says

    before 7month ago, I widrawn 1000 rs from my paisa live account. but I don’t receive my paisa. Plz give me ans. sorry for my poor english.

  15. prabhakar says

    Hi everybody this is a very good company which pays u by ontime, coz i had recieved some amount by them by cheque.
    So plz don’t ignore this.

    • shyam says

      hi sangeetha,
      hi this is shyam, i am banglaore. i am doing CA course at malleshwaram..
      so i am requesting you to please tell me about to earn money.
      contact me with this number 9620188817 or 7204100186

      With regards,

  16. Akhilesh says

    Whichever is the site. if it doesn’t provides the physical address under the contact us option, and no valid landline number, Please ignore it!!!! At least physical address is essential!!!!! if it is not, it is a fake one!!!!! Please friends don’t help scammers and those who are looting the innocent people. They are nothing just and just son of 2 fathers!!!

  17. titto says

    This site is absolutely perfect
    just register freely and start clicking ads earn money minimum cash out is for just $8 we can easily do this within a week because this site is providing more than 30ads per day…
    SO Just try it out friends hope you like this and also lucky games too available to credict daily…

  18. slappy says

    these paisa live FUCKERS are damm bullshit. I joined them and they give me paid emails which were just promotions. dont just get into it. if you have spair time and unlimited internet pls join and waste your time.

  19. sudarshan mallick says


  20. Renil says

    Thanks for the wonderful review about paisalive.
    Thanks also for the link which have your 6 preffered genuine money making sites.

    The only problem is that Paisalive is your second best suggested site to make money.

    kindly review your own websites regularly :-)

  21. sunanda kumbhar says

    very tru about the livepaisa site. i also tried but not use when i earned 500 , they reduced my amt to 148 from which 100 was login points. so rubbish site and fraud site. they make use of our sites clicked and no return to us.

  22. rock says

    This is true i also joined it and earned 572 ruppes bt they return nothing they ar totally fraud such kind of sites should be banned ……….

  23. TheHuman says

    Thank You Admin for this wonderful post !!

    I had recently joined this scam site, and earned around RS 250+, but then decided to check the reviews..! Not even a single person supports paisalive !! So no more options for me, show em the middle finger !!

    And thank you once again, I got a new wonderful blog to follow :)

    • paparao says

      it is a scam i am working for six months but i have not get single paisa. this is a fraud site please dont wast your time

  24. Bikram Singh says

    Its a totally fraud site… after completing my 500 rs they are asking me to refer 5 people then only I am eligible for payment I have refffered many people but its always shows to refer 5 people… fuck off……….. BC… MC….

  25. Rajat says

    Guys paisalive is not fake if u have any problem than i can help u in giving ur cheques,
    Cause i got three cheques from it,
    Contact me in facebook
    My id is
    Message me ur id and password to facebook so i can help u.

    • manpreet says

      hi my name is manpreet mujhe paisa join kiye hue 2 months ho gaye hai aur maine withdraw kiye hue 1 month 15 days ho gaye hai per mujhe abhi tak cheque nahi mila mere 3750 rs hai plz help me.

  26. says

    Dear sir,
    i registered on paisalive on 2 years later from that time i am working for paisalive regularly buy they dont pay for one rupee also. every time i reach Rs 500+ i sent a request to withdrawl my fund but every time they deduct my amount to below 500 . Finally what i am saying is they are cheating us they dont pay us they are doing business by playing with us . they are cheaters … paisalive is fake…paisalive is scam . . .paisalive is fruad. . . dont go there

  27. says

    Yes its a fraud site.
    Mr, you can’t help and don’t give false info.
    I agree with PRIYA’s statement. I know lots of people who joined this site., if you work for 2500/- they may give max Rs:350/-
    So please don’t join this affiliate marketing site, it will screw your time.

  28. Jackson says

    I have earned 1280rs in 2.5 years till date. When i withdraw my funds it doesnot allow to and asks to complete some task.
    Firstly it told me to have atleast five refferals. I have 2 refferals under my account, but it is not showing that. I wasted a lot of time in this website. I think its a scam. But it is working in india for more than 3 years…..

  29. vidhya says

    I was registerd for paisa live on 15 june’13.
    payment requested on 20.07.13 & 31.08.13 but till no one message or cheque received.

  30. omkar says

    payment request was done 20.07.13 & 31.08.13 means two times but mo one cheque received from paisa live.till we are wating but no on response.then how we believe on this paisa live income.In scan cheque list not found our name or proof of cheque.

  31. Thamarai says

    Yes. I am still working with PAISALIVE for about 3 years. but when I request for money they deduct it.

    I Not even get a single penny from them.




    • Ravi Kumar says

      paiselive is totally fraud, I earned 900 rupees before 3 years. But don’t get even a single penny.
      100% fraud. Sale Cheaters. They should be heavily fine by govt. Only then that type of People should be reduced.


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