Krishna Karpal is the Name of Biggest Work from Home Scam

I am sure, if you have shown even little interest in work from home opportunities on internet, you must have come across this name Krishna Karpal from Mumbai who is earning Rs. 4,40,000/- per month by filling just a short form & applied for a work-from-home kit.

And if not, then you might have seen her in advertisements in many famous news & jobs websites in India & even on her fake news website

Just see this lady Krishna Karpal below & try to identify her.

Optimized-krishna karpalIts one of the biggest work from home scam running on internet. Millions of people around the world has been cheated by this scam.

Who is Krishna Karpal?

Now, after doing a little bit research about this lady, I am sure there is no lady with this name ‘Krishna Karpal’ from Bombay & even any part of the world.

The scammers have taken these photos of mother & daughter from photo stock site iStockPhoto & I think neither her name is Krishnal Karpal nor she is related with this work from home scam.

Why do I think this is scam?

I have already written about similar scam in the past. And here, I have done some research before I prove this one as scam.

Check some of the important reasons below-

1. Same story all over the world

This is one of the important point. If you are from India & click on these work from home mom ad, you will be redirected to an Indian mother Krishna Karpal webpage but if you are from other country say USA or Singapore, you will be redirected to the US mom site “Melissa Johnson from Chicago” or Singapore mom site ‘Li Tan from Bedok”.

All the moms have exactly the same story to tell the world about their success & there is not a single word changed in all these mom sites.

And here is the funny things about this site. Either you visit US or UK or Canada webpage, the name & photo of this mother (Melissa Johnson) is same but places are different.

You can check here the links of different countries

  • Gabriela Valdez from Latin America at
  • Melissa Johnson from Canada at
  • Doris Halkias from Nicosia at
  • Sanaa Al-Kazaz from Amman at
  • And virtually from all countries that you can check here in Google.

2. Same income cheques everywhere

If you visit any of the link provided above, you will find all mothers have earned the same income $8,795 & their check number is also same. If you compare all the cheques, you will find everything same except the name.

Krishna Karpal cheque

melissa johnson check

Great coincidence OR hence proved.

3. No social profile of Krishna Karpal

There are millions of people around the world, who are making money from internet. But its very rare that they don’t have any social profile on Facebook or Twitter or Google+.

And if there is someone, who is making so much money like Krishna Karpal & if he or she is selling work from home opportunities on internet, they must have a social profile.

No social profile with this name means fake name.

4. All moms selling 3 different products

Whether its ‘Krishna Karpal’ or Melissa Johnson or ‘Li tan’ or mom from other country, they are selling 3 different products on different pages.

e.g. Krishna Karpal is selling

  1. Work from home product at
  2. The Colon Cleanse Weight lose Diet at
  3. Wrinkle free skin product at

Again a great coincidence as all of the moms were having same problem & used the same products to solve their problems & they find miracles after using these products. Just copy above links & open in internet browser to see the product details.

5. Fake News Site

When you open this website, it will give you a feeling of a news site but check properly, you will find this as a fake news site. Its logo & header is fake & even the category in navigation menu is fake.

Just click on any link in the whole website & it will take you to the same work from home membership order page from all clicks.

6. Fake comments

All the comments provided at the bottom of the page are fake. You will find the comments there from last 3-4 days only.

You come after 3-4 days, you will find the same comments but dates different.

You don’t believe me. Just do one thing. Change the date of your computer & refresh the website & then check the dates of the comments. You will be surprised!

So what do you think after reading all the points mentioned here. Do you agree with me? I am waiting for your comments & opinion.


  1. Nilesh says

    I agree with you and your points, but then on the other hand are there any genuine sites which provide work from home?

    • RAO says

      Dear Mr. Nilesh, I lost laksh of rupees on all most all the sites. Kindly help me out if there are any authentic sites so that I can overcome my finance problems. Now I am in deep financial crunch. Kindly help me out on

      • says

        Nilesh –
        It is just a dream with open eye i mean work from home and earn 4 to 5 lac by filling form or sharing links.
        yes you can defiantly make money online or by working from home, for that you have to spend your time as well as utilize your skill with the lots of guideline available on internet – let me tell you and everyone it is not easy to earn from internet –

  2. sanchari says

    yes, its true.. I also found many RICH LOCAL MOMS. They are earning more than $7000 per week!!!!!!!!!!! These are all fake. I think some of these websites contain virus!!



  4. T.srinivasa says

    Hello Priya,

    It is indeed an eye opener to many who may get hooked to such unscrupulous guys always out there to cheat. FYI, I am one of those who vehemently oppose any such advertisements as in life Nothing comes free and one has to work hard with utmost dedication and sincerity. Look forward to similar articles for the good of all.

    Happy valentines Day.


  5. rajasekharNidamarthi says

    Dear Priya You are doing really exellent work.I will forward the same to as many people as possible and also give hard copies to many & paste the same on every available notice board irrespective of premises.Keep it up my child

  6. praveen says

    thanks priya, i agree with the same. you did a great research to help out those people who are the main targets of this website.

    thanks once again

  7. Sampathkumar says

    Yes, very true. Thanks for alerting every body via mail. You are doing a great & excellant job. But still people won’t understand. Many Many thanks.

  8. Rupesh Namdeo says

    Dear Priya,
    Thanks u very much for giving information.

    Please tell me any secured home base on line jobs…..

    Thanks a lot of once again…

    Rupesh Namdeo

  9. Ritu says

    Hi Priya,
    Thanks for the info……You are absolutely correct.
    This is a big internet scam.
    However do let me know about some genuine work from home options…..really interested in them

    • sameer says

      yap sweet heart thanks to her, she intimated you but she may also be cheating with you do not believe any one, believe on your work hard

  10. Manoj Jois says

    Dear Priya,
    Thanks a lot to u for giving information about the issue. Because I too in serch of a jos like work from home.
    can you please spell out me any good and secured home base on line jobs…..

  11. mohammed says

    Dear Priya,
    You are absolutely correct.I also get such fake mails very often regarding the lottery won for 5 lakh Pound and some one has died abroad and has left for me a hansome amount which they want to transfer to my account and some one has got surplus money which they want toinvest in India and they want my help to transfer the fund and give me share inthe profit.Its high time government and cyber crime department should look into it and stop this fraud and save the people from being cheated of their hard earned money.

    • haridas says


      Not only this Fraud mails are coming in the name of RBI /Govt Of India /Finance dept ,claiming that loan/subsidy and so on is granted /sanctioned . Be aware of these type of fake e mails also in cell also

  12. Shakeel Ahmed says

    Yes its true. But the google adsense is genuine as per my knowledge . If you register with it and work hard u will bw getting a handsome amount !!!!!

  13. MANOHAR says

    It is true. Now days it is very difficult to identify the genuine web site because of rapidly increasing this types of bogus web site.

    It is better to work hard and earn money which gives satisfaction.

  14. neeru says

    Dear Priya
    Thank u sooooo much for regular updates. I really appreciate ur efforts. Cud u pl. guide me to real work from home as I am a housewife and not worked outside my home in last 20 years . At this age it is not possible to find a job. And pl. guide if and how to make money writing blogs. I will be grateful to u.

  15. Sadiq says

    Money is important to lead luxury life. Online sites cannot help to make a lot of money. We can also manage in which we can earn money. But it is based upon the implementation of our ideas. It’s not a lot but a little bit. Cheaters will cheat, but the mistake is who had been cheated. In our daily life we can see people like job consultancies, fake gold polish man, some friends, priests, politicians,……. If we want to count we can’t. Be aware of common things and think with sense weather these type of silly things are help us to make a lot of money….

  16. kirti says

    thanks for spreading the awareness.Its important for others to know that they shouldn’t trust these high earning moms and look for genuine ways to earn. You can post your resume on monster and naukri and look for the genuine work. Don’t pay anything for earning as its your talent that fetches you the right job.

  17. Atul says

    yes , there are many scams like this , they are not new but four to five years old. your work is quite admirable to alert the innocent public who are flattened by false freebies

  18. MAHABOKHTAR says





  19. says

    I agree with you and your points ,everywhere such cheating is going on and people felt in attraction to earn easy money without hard work .people may believe in it and earn money from working ,job ,business etc.


  20. Manoj Mongia says

    Extremely useful piece of info it is . I must say its a good job u hv done to aware all those sincere people looking for an authentic online job opportunity. Thanx & regards

  21. sampath says

    Dear Priya,
    Thank u for the alert.I would like to give by bit of caution.The so called web sites promise returns for the job done by us.Here i request all the job seekers to raise one question before applying for this kind of bogus jobs.The so called earning will be paid for jobs done.So if at all they are genuine sites why can’t they pay the remuneration after deducting their commission instead of asking for upfront fees/commission.

  22. Bhupendra says

    Hello Priya
    This is the real fact about Easy Money making fake advertising. You Are doing a great job to aware

    public to prevent such a fake and fraudulent people. Thanks & Best of luck. Bhupendra

  23. kamal says

    Yes i can help you in No Fraud Home Based Jobs. But you have to bid for those jobs.
    It is true that you cannot make exorbitant amount of money from online Jobs.
    But earning some money is better than Playing Video games, cards, or wasting too
    much time Chatting with people. Though chatting for some time with Good friends
    is not bad. If interested send your mail Id and other Details to:

  24. PRAKASH. KR says

    Thanks for the valuable information, any on line jobs is there to earn in part time, if it is their kindly furnish the details

  25. Naveen says

    Dear Priya,

    You are doing a excellent job to given a awareness to public and you are helping us how the frauds will mislead the public and grab the money without facing any difficulties, i kindly request to the Concerned Authorities to take a action for these cases then only its very effective.


  26. Ramalingam.V.S. says

    Dear Priya,

    Thanks for the info. If you find any genuine website from where we can work from home, kindly share the same .

    with regards,


  27. baldeep kaur says

    i have already wasted much money.. onlien works are all fake..if it is true thn why people go outside searchng for job with extra salary..dont all need easy jobs?dont trust anybody who ask for investment for job.

  28. Rajeev Verma says

    Dear Priya
    Thanks for distributing this information.
    I even saw this krishna Karbal Photo in a standing posture in iforex ads on net.
    so you think iforex is also fake.

  29. pratiksha dhumal says

    I really interested in doing some good online job ,real money making job ,pls help out were i can find such good job

  30. says

    I thank you very much for your services to the public in general. Is it possible, that you could let me know some genuine websites, from which I can ear some money, to make both the ends meet.
    With Regards,

  31. Sathyendran says

    Dear Priya,
    Your information is always an eye opener to the people. I congratulate you for such information. However, can you please let me know any genuine online business in your knowledge ?
    thanks & regards
    Sathyendran S A

  32. jaideep says

    Dear Priya ji,

    Thanx for the information about the fake racket.I will try to send the same to persons known to me.
    Best regardsJaideep

  33. Mohamed says

    I agree with you that this is a Scam site. I have seen this lady’s promotional sites at various occasions and tried to find the reality through various methods and confirmed that this is not genuine.
    There are only scams on the Internet nowadays. Where can one find a genuine and dependable online or off-line job?

    Thank you for the genuine information.

  34. Mohamed says

    I agree with you that this is a Scam site. I have seen this lady’s promotional sites at various occasions and tried to find the reality through various methods and confirmed that this is not genuine.
    There are only scams on the Internet nowadays. Where can one find a genuine and dependable online or off-line job?

    Thank you for the genuine information.

  35. anesh says

    oh my god…i had even tried for making payment to this fucking shit site.and u knw my bank denied to pay to the merchant showing insecure payment gateway.ny way thanks priya didi

  36. Jayanth says

    thanks priya,
    i have seen lots of these types of wrbsites, can u help me to find genuine part time jobs
    once again thanks

  37. S B SUBRAMANIAN says

    Dear Priya

    Thanx for the findings and letting others know of this scam
    Keep up the good work

    Happy Valentines Day

    S B Subramanian

  38. Panna Paul says

    Thank you so much for informing me. But I am lucky that I didn’t had to invest anything since she offered me this job free of cost for one day on some special occasion as if it was a festive offer. But I think she did that just to win the trust of the people. Really such a fake people should be killed ruthlessly!!! Bloody bitch that lady!!
    Thank you Miss Priya once again!!

  39. Dhevarajan says

    Thanks Priya for all the hard work to give awareness and take your time to find it, since most of us are all in need of money at any manner, by the way where are you from Goregaon Mumbai since i used be in Goregaon once upon a time. Thank you very much Priya may God bless you.

  40. Sanjay says

    Hi Priya ji

    I appreciate your research and thanks to u for aware me from such a fake site working on internet. Once again many many thanks to u.

  41. Sanjib says

    Thanks Prya, your cortical will save many more people from cheating…. I’ve thought onetime before to pay her and have a membership…but I’ve noticed the “same cheque with different name” point , and kept myself out of it…. :)

  42. briij says


  43. says

    you are doing a good job. yes, many sites like the one you have mentioned are fake and the one fake site which encountered was Even the reviews suggest that iforex is also a fake site. I think before joining any such site , one should read the reviews/complaints of the site. I had wasted quite a lot of time looking for work on such websites and have found that almost all of them are fake exept the one’s where bidding is involved. but then you dont get work from these bidding sites.

  44. Rajendra says

    Dear Priya,
    I agree with you and you have proven it. But as long as there are people who swallow this trick without any research, there will me more moms and daughters.

  45. Mohandas says

    Hi Priya,
    You are absolutely right & I feel obliged to your eye openers to distract our friends from such looters.

  46. brahman says

    Dear Priya, as usual you came out with a eye opener. even though many people aware of the fraud committed by such online jobs and MLMs, some greedy ones get traped with the sweat talk and the commends on the web page. it is high time to realise there is nothing like hard work and hard earned money.

    thanks for the exposure and expect many more from your side.

  47. RADHIKA says

    Dear Priya,

    Good job…u knw wt being an educated and knowing whts happening around thge globe ..still i got a crazy mind to try this website ans lost 1400 rupees.. its pathetic..thank god i used my debit card instead of credit card..this was a useful info ..given by u..thnk a lot..nd will share it with my friends.

  48. says

    Hi Priya,
    Thank you, for all your research and being a whistle blower. if you come across any genuine work from home site please let every body know it. I t is not that there is no hard work, it is smart work and hand sum money
    thanks once again

  49. Tarun Viplawi says

    Dear Priya

    Thanks again for such Information . You are really doing a great Job . May God Bless You.

    Thanks again

    tarun Viplawi

  50. arjun says

    Its great work Priya. Infact the lady used is same just they have made some changes in eye color and hair color. People some time fall prey to this kind of scams and only those who have financial problems but everyone should keep in mind that money can not be earned without hard work. No one has become richer within night. What we don’t see about rich people is their hard work done in past.

  51. Kumar says

    Thanks a lot priya for ur information.
    Are there any genuine home based jobs please help me with genuine home based jobs.

  52. says

    Your article regarding scam related to work from home is a piece of research which is helping lots of newcomers on the internet. Everyone wants to earn lots of money through internet and your website is providing really great information for those who wants to earn from home in a fair manner.

    Sumi Singh

  53. sk.Karthik says

    Thanks Priya.its true.but people like earn money very easy.
    People like “i am not work but i need more money. What u want say this?

  54. sidra says

    Thank’s for awaring us tell me that every home based job company are frod and
    if not then how can we identifi the real company plz
    help me i need this type of job

  55. M JANAKIRAMAN says

    Hi Priya,
    Thanks. You can add One Kavita Mehara “s name also in this scam which appears in the Jobs @ Home site. Good Job. You have protected many from being robbed royally.

    M Janakiraman

  56. Vivek Kulkarni says

    Thanks Priya… i am thinking of the extra income other than salary !!! & u aware me at the right time
    thanks once again……

  57. Shailender says

    I really appreciate and would like to thanks for the information shared.Keep doing god bless you.


  58. Afrin says

    Thnak you somuch Priya!

    Yes its totally true what ever you said.

    Thank you for stopping us by doing this wrong thing and opening our eyes at the correct time.


  59. FEEROZ HASASN says

    Thanks Priya Ji.
    I checked all the links provided in your comment and also invested 7 hours in research. I got surprised, how much big scams are running on internet. No body is going to give Rs. 10 without seeing you. How it is possible for million and billions. I visited all the three moms and found their reality.
    I advise net users to have faith only in your skills. If you got online rephrasing works, article developing works, content writing works, freelancing works, copy and pasting works you can proceed because these works involve your skill and considerable time. But you will earn definitely against these jobs.
    Please dont rush behind Krishna Karpal’s ad as this will make your pocket empty and give nothing in return.

  60. FEEROZ HASASN says

    Once again thanks to Priya Ji.
    I hope nobody will have seen any employer to ask employee before his recruitment to deposit fee against the job is being provided.

    This site is asking you more than Rs. 2500. They all are sitting abroad. Links in their form dont have ‘Select country” – India. In this place the have “Others”. Once you gave money, you will be running behind the work, and even your phones will not be answered. If contacted through mail, the auto generated mails will come saying like this” Thanks for contacting. Our team manager will shortly contact you. Have a nice day”. This will be the only return. If you are ready against Rs 2500 for this message only, you may proceed, other wise use your brain.

    • linda says

      kya baath hai-sahi sooch and good advice, my point too is the same-once i wasted so much time doing this online thing-NITROCLICKS and i earned a lot of money, but never got to see it. luckily they did not ask for any payments so at least i didnt loose anything except my time.

  61. Rashmi Seta says


    Yesterday only I went on th link Home Income Cash System posted on the add page and made a purchase of that kit which claims to get you started with online money making. Thanks to all the comments posted on this page, we lost only Rs 1500. When I actually went on the members page and tried creating my account, it asked me to create my own website through a link and to my surprise when I went on that link, it was asking me to pay $5000 to buy my own hosting page for my website. Thank to god that I didn’t clicked on any links and thought of verifying it by googling the name Krishna Karpal and foung this page.

    I would suggest all the visitors of that page not to get influenced by that story and make the mistake I made.

  62. linda says

    wow!!!! i am glad that i read this article and yes, it is an eye opener, its been like more than half an hour that i have posted a comment-and they are still checking about posting it. yes these are normally scams, but still one feel there is no harm in trying just for that little extra income-the amount these people are offering is in itself subject to suspicion aand doubts-my suggestion to anyone is first check some facts, like i have-very basic and also your so right-krishna karpal -is a he on facebook, no country, town or place is mentioned not even a picture. and like guys, 50 USD is a lot of money to waste on something that we dont know about-so please please dont fall for this. meanwhile, since you have been able to discover scamsters offering very attractive online and work from home jobs-can you suggest a legitmate one for people looking to work from home. thanks you

  63. Lucky Thakre says

    Thank you for letting me know that Krishna Karpal is a scamster..I was just about to buy the kit.
    Thank You all once again

    • Kusuma says

      Hi Priya,
      I appreciate your efforts in exploring the reality .At the same guide the people the correct path ,who are really seeking home based opportunities. That completes your job.

      Kusuma Kiran

  64. murali says

    Holy cow priya, you have done a fantabulous job by researching on this scam company. OMG ,You definitely need a loud applause in bringing this fact out. The details that you have exposed is undoubtedly far real from what meets the eye. Many thanks to you for saving my hard earned money, especially during difficult financial conditions.

  65. Praveen says

    Great work… even I was surprised when I saw all comments are 3 days old… and posted mine.. as I smell some fishing… but you really did a good job by searching all this stuff.

  66. Aneesha says

    very well written priya! and good research i might add.

    btw one more bit of info to add to your research.this female krishna karpal, she’s also kavitha mehra. the foolish scamsters used the same photos for both karpal and mehra on different sites.both had the same rags to riches sob stories,playing on people’s emotions to entice and entrap them.

    • Priya N says

      People should use their logic Aneesha before paying to such scam sites. Just spending few minutes on research on any site like this will reveal the truth.

      • Dhanashree says

        Hey, Thanks a lot. You know I have tried to sign in 5-6 times. Then my sixth sense is what saves me frm falling in traps. As i searched with the name Krishna Kirpal at, the truth comes infront of me. I was just shocked about the truth. Your information is really helpfull. Thanks…….

  67. Nikita says

    Thank You so much for doing such a great research and bringing out the fact about this scam..great job

  68. Manjil says

    Hi!!!!!! The world has been captured by some frauds….. I’ve lost job due to one fraud who runs his chit fund company…… I have not earn a single money since January 2013 as no salary been paid to us…….. So its quite simple that peoples like us can be very easily get attracted by these schemes…..
    Quite difficult to take decisions…..
    What is your view about Empower Network !!!!!!!!

  69. sanjay yerwadekar says

    Thanks guys i just go to purchase .
    Are you know the genuine site for work from home pls tell me

  70. Roopika says

    Hi Priya, I really appreciate your job. But what do you say about online marketing??? Can we trust on any other sites or all are the same fakes???

  71. Deb says

    Thanks. I wonder what the internet police are doing to stop such scams and protect innocent people being victim of such scams (and greed).

  72. Aam Aadmi says

    Same income cheques everywhere
    Same cheque number for all
    Same amount for all
    Same date for all

  73. madhusudanpillai says

    thanks for the info. very helpful.

    BTW, have you heard of readers digest sweepstakes. is that also a scam?

    • Allena says

      I tried to check the FB profile and found nothing in it gave me clue about all these being fake. Your comments prooved it.

  74. Jyotiranjan says

    The time thing you told is working I have tested and all other thigs are justified good very good that u obstruct me to be fallen in a big dig.thanks .

  75. hans says

    Hi All,
    Years back i have read the same Krishna Karpal story. I just wanna know that if they want $9.95. why don’t they make every body’s website and deduct the amount from the commission which is said to be $257 per deal. They will get good orders and earn huge profit by selling spurious products.
    Can anybody tell me the real sites & people who works from home & earn so much.
    Plz revert.


    I was being faked if the idea of facebook would have not arrived in my mind. Its my hobby now to search for every person his name i see in face book. ithank you and facebook as well for this news…

  77. Aaftab Khan says

    Thanx …thanx alot Priya….
    U just saved me some of my hard earned money…i am all jobless from last 8 months and was bout to fall in this trap of easy money …my frustration level enhanced my desperation and i had completed all the details…even my credit card details …but jst before i could press continue..there was a power cut and thank god i dint have a battery back up for my lappy….so untill the power was back i searched bout all this stuff online and i found ur blog….gosh a close shave it was….
    thanks …thanks a lot.
    keep up the good work…

  78. Maya says

    I agree with. I have been duped before. It is my brother-in-law who told me that I should not apply for any jobs that ask for money.
    Krishna Karpal, i checked it out in the google, thats how your article came up. Thanks a ton for your research and the blog.

    Good luck

  79. sandeep says

    thanks 4 the research on krishna kirpal. I already have lost 20k from my cc. Stopped my cc account now. Just want to know reality on earning seriously and genunely thro internet. No scams. My request to all-dont pay thro ur cc or debit card on internet.

  80. Shivraj says

    Great job Priya.. I think you will save many from felling in this scam valley. for a moment even I was carried away with that quick money ad., hence tried to explore and know more about it whether this is genuine, ultimately came across your alerting instructions. Simple to define, your article proves to be a Correct Warning like a “Traffic Red Light”. God bless u dear…!!

  81. naveen says

    hi miss priya
    your are right but i know it already could you plz tell me how to stop these scam’s cannot we stop these morns to doing this scam

  82. Sheetal says

    thank god! you saved me. I was about to pay by CC but because of some technical problems the payment was not done!!

  83. Kalam says

    Hi Priya.. you r doing a good job of creating awareness among the people regarding such scams… May god keep u smiling always.

  84. Bharat says

    Do u think they are doing philanthropy in offering u jobs at home with salary for handsome six figures. Goes without saying they are cheats / ponzi co’s.

  85. Prateek says

    Thanks Priya, for this kind of awareness news . This will help all of us who get disguised in earning quick money.


  86. Arun says

    Thanks Priya for the information.. The news site is for sure a fake site and the program is most probably a scam. But you must give credit to them for there marketing strategy. You can find their is all leading site….i personal saw the add on

  87. Sudip Das says

    Lots of thanks Priya, Many Many thanks
    u don’t know how u save normal people from this scamer, They are shell ice to Eskimos who are born & brought up in ice.
    Very good job , keep it . God bless you.

  88. says

    Dear Priya,

    After having the first look on the website I knew that these sites are fraud, I have even sent mails to cyber crime branch also but unfortunately I received no reply from cyber crime since like any other government department Indian cyber crime guys are also good for nothing.
    though I am not the victim of this fraud but not to mention how many poor people looking for shortcuts to earn a fast buck must have been looted by this site.. Lets us connect some time at and try to do something about stopping this fraud.

    Amit Rana

  89. Ranjit Pandey says

    Thanks a ton for the information.

    But can you suggest some site which can helpfull for online working and we can earn money from it.

  90. Mita says

    Thanx priya…
    Am feeling great after checking this out.. i got influenced by this Krishna Karpal and lost almost 2.5k sitting athome.. good i that i searched for her and got this details… thnx a ton..

  91. james says

    i all ways think like this ” if there is a easy way to make money it will be a scam”…..thank’s PRIYA N for the write up…

  92. Tousif says

    Hi Priya,

    Great job. Even i found some more suspicious activities like most of the fake companies try to publicize them through the same add, as the link keeps on changing and as you enter the payment page the website doesn’t hold the valid security check as it should have i.e no security lock on the URL and other validations.

    Thanks for exposing the scam and saving people’s hard earned money.

  93. says

    I agree with Priya, it’s a scam advertisement that goes on and on everywhere when you reads about making money online and the report of the research as published above is a proven record.

  94. Aashish Kumar Maurya says

    Yes this is realy a big scam. I have seen this many times and beleived on it but I have some doubt on that. But their is no way to clear my doubt. Now with your article I have clearly known that It is a big scam. I have also checked the profile of Krishna Karpal on facebook and not find her profile and my doubt was increased. Now I am very happy with our Article. Thank you…!

  95. vivian henry says

    just to add to the above comments about fraudulant work from home fast money scheme (

    with some sold proof the picture used as krishna karpal is actually a pic of a lady
    featured on a website of an indian company named M/s. Top Source Global Solutions website with an office registered in UK

    now you call them up and they have no one working featuring Ms. Krishna Karpal the above name however the ladies pic features on the website such is the confirmation by Asst Manager HR, Mr. Pawan Burman contact number 9767643496 offices located in Mumbai BKC and Pune

    hope such helps


  96. Manish says

    Yes Its totaly fake as i have called on there custormer care no and asked for demo and asked what work they offer they dont have the proper answer they have fake advertisement to cheat people

  97. B S says

    Priya N

    Priya, Gr8 job done be exposing this scam in such an authenticated manner with such great details and time invested!!!!

    keep it up

    Could you oblige by providing genuine online business models/platforms helping common men make decent money online????????

    do oblige

    waiting for your response

  98. sachin says

    i want to work from home is there any genuine work from home or all are fake if any found genuine work plz mail me

    • VENKAT says

      Hi I want to work from home is there any genuine work from home or all fake if any found genuine work plz mail me or sms me details, I will be thankful to you-venkat-9930404147-mumbai

  99. Abhishek says

    Thank’s dear nahi tho mai ismai mai invest karne wala tha, & good is that ki sahi time par pata chal gaya that this fake site. Priya N if you have some detail of good online job plz let know. Thank’s once again..

  100. Deepika says

    Hi all
    Recently I have been made fool by one company of Mumbai called as-

    name: Tirupathi Technologys
    Main industry: Business Services & Finance
    Address: 401, mere sai, near saibaba mandir, siddivinayak chowk, kajuwadi, thane west
    City: mumbai
    Zip: 400604
    Area: Maharashtra
    Country: India
    Continent: Asia

    Telephone: 919920605416
    Mobile phone: 919920605416
    e-mail: please login to see this company e-mail
    Contact person: Balaji Mummidi
    Updated: 2013-04-25 11:38:12 UTC
    Page visited: 69 times
    Offline and Online work from home business. ms office typing work and online job works available here.

    Head Office
    784, hridwar mandir, chowki state, Futala Chaupati Road, Bharat Nagar, Nagpur – 440033

    Office No- 14, sakshi tower, first floor, 67/68 Haji Bapu Road, Malad East, Mumbai – 400097
    All this details of the company

    At first they told to deposit 1000/- rs as the registration fees
    then what scan the slip and mail them
    online training through the software TEAM VIEWER
    then they send a book of pages
    per page from 5 rs to 15 rs
    then mail them after completion
    they will provide accuracy report
    1st pay i got of 350 rs/-
    then they gave a 2nd and 3rd project
    guess Wat a mail comes your money is successfully deposited in your account
    then v call-they tell some problem in transfer of money they said we do from AIRTEL MONEY /
    direct deposit
    next day same story
    next day all email account DE-activated
    all number switch off
    after working with them for 25 days they did the fraud
    i have already planned to do a police complain against them
    if some one from Mumbai reading this blog
    kindly help me
    i have my money and time
    others should not fall in this scam

  101. Jay Patel says

    I am clicking all her ads wherever I found and then do not do any thing.

    I am wasting her advertisement budget b/c she is stealing poor peoples money

  102. Priya Patel says

    Hey Priya
    thanks lots of thanks but i need a help can work should b at home my family is not a rich & a middle class family let if u can see my mail then pls giving me kindly details……… email is

  103. Sharmila Parte says

    Very good scam review. I have seen this ad many times and I was also thinking of giving it a try few months back.

  104. sammy khan says

    awesome work lol. may god bless you dude. n thanks for all ur efforts u put on and saved many peoples money. dats was a great job . done by priya. hatts off

  105. ganesh says

    i have tried by changing dates…
    and it affects…
    dates of all posts change but post remain same….
    truly website is fake…..

  106. charan babu says

    Hi Friends,

    Is there any shortcut way for making money. Nooooooooooooooo.
    Don’t get cheated by websites showing making money – work from home.blah blah blahhhh.
    Yes, I accept i have been a victim of fake websites work from home-earn money. i paid registration fees and no responses.

    I don’t know who this Priya.N. is. but she has been putting good info on the part time jobs, work from home. no registration fess.

    If a company is outsourcing the job to people like us, they are getting benefited by the work we do. they get their share/payments. then why are they charging amount / reg.fees from us. so be aware if any websites asks fro money/reg.fees dont pay them they are all fake….

  107. Abdul aziz says

    Hi! I’m aziz.
    I filled form of this scam. I filled first 2 page of it and at last when they R asking about my account no then i realized that this may be scam so i searched about on google and i got ur blog. Nw i know that this is really big scam. What should i have to do nw for given personal data on that site? (i didn’t gave any bank account information i gave my full personal information)
    Thanks for doing good work
    Plz rply if u have any solution

  108. sivaram says

    This is yet another one.

    The cheque no. here too is the same as that of Krishna Karpal. Few comments appear in both sites, but under different names


  109. pallavi says

    Dear Friends,
    no genuine sites which provide work from home? i lost my money when i trying to comp-lit the step thy asking for by this product for all step .if Krishna Karpal is in real they should give any contact no or call back from the company but no response

  110. Tom says

    HI Dear,
    It was a very nice article and thanks for the accurate information.I have checked as you said and found it true.


  111. ANKUR MISHRA says

    Dear All ,

    What to do with all this , Kindly tell me how to stop all this .
    I a am working 9 hours daily & getting 15000 in hand monthly from the past 3 years with no increment & no bonus. I am also working hard forward to impress all the things .If money can be made so easily I can also start using all this….
    So its my request all of you just work hard & truly .One day you will earn as much as mentioned in all the nuisance but word as I am doing….


  112. Rakesh Goyal says

    Good Job Priya! Thank you. Incidentally I read your blog and thus saved from fraud. Isn’t there any mechanism to detect such a fraudulennt lady and/or her other associates. If you can help technically, I am with you to take legal action against such persons. Thanks once again.

  113. Laxami Kant says

    Hi All,
    Couple of mins back, I also tried to register on this fake site, it was offering membership for 1$ only.. I entered my credit card details but fortunately it was unsuccessful. Then I carefully read the terms on bottom of page.. I immediately called my credit card customer care and came to know that this website attempted twice to make a transaction of 10400/Rs and 4600Rs/-….I have blocked my card immediately..Thanks , I was fotunate enough that my money was safe……
    This site is fake so please dont even click on this…ln past , there was a website named “speakasiaonline” and till date our govt. is unable to recover anything…….
    So please be carefull and stay away from such cheats……

    • yash sharma says

      sir please help me i have entered my card details by mistake and a message have came of transaction of rupees 10568. What should i do now plss help ..

      • shailendra says

        you can call- (001)8553505531 where 001 is USA ISD call…
        Call them generally after 12.30 in the night (India time) otherwise you will have to wait online/in call queue for more time and it will cost you much as ISD call charges are high..
        Whenever you got connected to service help desk representative ask for service request number after you raised request for refund. Generally they will tell you that , refund will happen in 3-5 days but it will take more time may be 1 have patience and by that time raise dispute on the transaction that was done on your credit card/debit card , atleast you will have some assurance that you will get atleast some amount .

  114. pavan says


    I have been charged 4975 rs from that fraud website what do I do .Please help I cant afford to loose it


    • shailendra says

      My brother made a mistake by doing a online transaction on this site. Site mentioned that the work from home kit costs $1 but after making that transaction , Rs.10368 were deducted from his credit card.After making number of calls to their call centers, finally they refunded Rs.9400 . They deducted about one thousand. Atleast my brother was lucky that he got his money.

      you can call- (001)8553505531 where 001 is USA ISD code…
      Call them generally after 12.30 in the night (India time) otherwise you will have to wait online/in call queue for more time and it will cost you much as ISD call charges are high..
      Whenever you got connected to service help desk representative ask for service request number after you raised request for refund. Generally they will tell you that , refund will happen in 3-5 days but it will take more time may be 1 have patience and by that time raise dispute on the transaction that was done on your credit card/debit card , atleast you will have some assurance that you will get atleast some amount .

  115. haroon says

    hai priya
    really awesome loll..great u hav done a grt job….
    its not a easy thing to b a cool…these guys spoiling the society and people….
    thank for ur great info….god blesss u frnd.

  116. dheeraj says

    Nice findings. I was getting mails from groupdealtools on daily basis as i tried to register on this site few months back but something stopped me at that time. By curiosity, today i thought to give it a chance but before chose to collect few reviews about it and came across your article. I checked each and everything which you have pointed out here and yes, this is definitely fake site. Thanks for highlighting this groupdealtools scam..

  117. Devanand Mudaliar says

    Oh Gosh! I am saved…. What a fucking mail scam… i was about to hit the payment page and started digging..

  118. Robin Vargheese says

    Hi Priya,
    Thank you for your research on this. I was about to sign up and when it prompted for my credit card details for age verification, i doubted and googled about this lady krishna karpal and hence came to read this page. Your article saved my hard earned money, thank you.

  119. Shailendra says

    My brother made a mistake by doing a online transaction on this site. Site mentioned that the work from home kit costs $1 but after making that transaction , Rs.10368 were deducted from his credit card.After making number of calls to their call centers, finally they refunded Rs.9400 . They deducted about one thousand. Atleast my brother was lucky that he got his money.

    • Shailendra says

      you can call- (001)8553505531 where 001 is USA ISD call…
      Call them generally after 12.30 in the night (India time) otherwise you will have to wait online/in call queue for more time and it will cost you much as ISD call charges are high..
      Whenever you got connected to service help desk representative ask for service request number after you raised request for refund. Generally they will tell you that , refund will happen in 3-5 days but it will take more time may be 1 have patience and by that time raise dispute on the transaction that was done on your credit card/debit card , atleast you will have some assurance that you will get atleast some amount .

  120. Naveen says

    Hi All ,

    There is no easy way to earn money other than SCAMS ,Hence all scammers use the same idea to attract needy people .
    i hereby request you not to fall PRAY to these scammers.
    find out some simple way of earning money where only + or – to be used . No or * signs .
    i am buying some thing from someone and selling it to someone , formula is pretty simple
    Selling cost – ( actual cost + tax) = Profit
    3 or X number of Profit per month = my earnings …..of the month
    Please chose old age simple ways ….work hard …… collect intellect from each deal , focus .. Plan …. execute ….. Be peaceful
    & Live HAPPY


  121. Dhananjay says

    I made their payment but it said transaction failure. Now i donno wat further more strange can happen? Oh Lord!

  122. sameer says

    why do the people do with needy peoples? if we cannot help them its bad thing if you are prompting them to do somthing wrong with them and their family.. then its too bad finally we are human being,, we should not let them dark…

  123. bn sree says

    Thanx a lol, been reaearching alot about this. Finally i saw this information, which is saved me from Stepping inn to it.

  124. Vikram says

    Hi Priya
    Thank you for the information!!!!
    Is there any genuine work from home site that you can vouch for? I would appreciate your reply.

  125. Kevin says

    Hah…I almost knewed that it was a Scam…But After reading your article I’m 100% sure about it…& yes about the comments from that website was fake where the date changed but the names and fake comments didn’t…..Anyways..,,..Thanks for sharing this article & let those Scammers & their websites go to hell …..!!!

  126. Bhagyashree says

    hi priya,
    i really appreciate for ur work that u hv done nd im really thankfull to u . I request everyone who are reading this block that please be aware of these scams as well as make us also aware of these scams website.

  127. vijaykumar says

    i want work at home based word on internet pls kindly give me guidance about the home based internet work.
    thanking you

    • VISHAL MODANI says

      i have wasted 20000 rs in such scams and i was frustrated . but after some research i found some good results. now i am making money from some geniune websites. and believe me thay are paying very well..
      i can suggest you some websites where i m working on .believe it .


  128. Giridhar SV says

    Dear priya;

    I just escape from this SCAM, while registering it is asking met to pay through Master card or Visa card some 137 dollars, and i immediately disconnected ;

    Thanks once again,

  129. ria says

    I just fell for this. I wish I had found this blog yesterday.

    I paid for it and it all seems to be fake. They are asking us to create a website, find merchants, acquire products. The shocking thing is that there is an option for “contact us ” and it is defined as “the customer would be able to hold you” and also there is no terms and condition or guidelines set forth as a company. They are asking us to design and come up with our own terms and condition.

    All seem to be fake, Wish I could have been a little more alert.

  130. Shweta says

    Hi Priya
    Thanx for the info.
    Do you know any genuine home based job without any investment so pls let know as i really want to start……..


  131. mr. ade says

    you are realy an angel send to me by God this morning. i was all most going out of my way to borrow money or sell any of my goods, because of my financial challenges. chould you believed that when i check it out, it was thesame cheque they are posting at US, UK excitelly thesame cheque number they posted in my country nigeria too. may God help us from those who can not help you from your problem but trying to add to your situation. pls if there is any one with a relevant and legitimate information that can help to allivate my financial predicament let him or her reach me through this number pls. +2348033371531. Thanks, and always remain vigilant friends!!

  132. Ahlun says

    There is no earning on internet.It is waste of time and money to run after earning on internet.The internet is full of get is precious than money u are looking…..Thanks

  133. Jyoti says

    Thanks a lot priyaI. I got save after reading your post. But if you really know any genuine site of work from home them inform me. Again thanks a lot.

  134. yogita kamble says

    Dear Priya.. thank you so much for this information.. Do u really know any original online job based at home..i really need that..please if u know then give me information……. nd. Once again thanks a lot

  135. sudipto ranjan dass says

    If there werre free lunches in this world, you have every reason to believe that these sites are genuine.. else…… dont even waste your time on even reading such website contents…..


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