How to Improve English – Spoken and Communication Skills in English

So you want to improve your English. And you are more concerned about your spoken & communication skills in English.

I don’t need to explain you the benefits of writing & speaking fluently in English. It plays a very important role in your career, be it a corporate job, a small business or even if you want to make money online.

how to improve english

In this article, we shall first look how you could start speaking English if you’re coming from a non-English speaking background.

You don’t have to worry because you will not only speak in English but you can speak it fluently in just few months.

Only thing you need to do is to follow the tips mentioned in this article. If you learn and implement them you can do it.

So first begin with speaking in English then enhance your communication skills.

How Do You Start Speaking English?

Here, I am assuming that you don’t know anything about English. When I say you don’t know I mean, you only know to read and write very Basic English.

But you can’t speak it. Therefore, you’ve to start speaking it. In order to speak you need to practice a lot. I’ve given 5 easy ways to do it.

Here I will just mention them one by one later we will discuss each one of them in great detail.

First is try to be in a company of people who speak in English.

Second is watch English movies in original form and then watch dubbed version of it.

Third thing you need to do is listening rap music with lyrics on YouTube.

Fourth is you’ve to get familiar with culture of English speaking countries.

Last one is practicing to speak in front of mirror.

Find Yourself Surrounded by People Who Speaks Only In English

Try to remain in a company where people speak only English. You should make friends which speak English.

It is necessary for you to talk with them. I know in starting you might hesitate talking to them but you have to do it slowly.

You might feel shy to be in a company of friends which are good at English. But you don’t need to tell them that you want to become friends because you want to learn English.

Simply introduce yourself and start talking to them. Even if you’re making mistakes it does not matter because you’re not speaking at a seminar or giving a lecture.

Do not bother if someone laughs at you within your friends. If they are laughing at your poor English take it lightly because they are your friends.

Therefore, the first and safest way to start speaking in English would be finding friends or a company which speaks only in English.

Watch Original English Movies then Dubbed Version

Next step is to watch English movies as many as possible. First, you have to watch in original form.

Yes, I do understand you are not going to understand anything especially if you’re a beginner. Normally, it is very difficult to understand their accent because we are not used to it.

But it does not mind. You should watch a full movie anyway.

Next would be you have to watch same movie in dubbed version. Dubbed version of the English movie could be in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali or any other local languages.

While watching the dubbed version compare it with when you watched the original version. Compare what did you miss or not able to understand that time.

You might not have understood a word that time but now you can understand because it is dubbed in your mother tongue.

Note down each word what it means while you’re watching the dubbed version. This is the best way to start.

The Rap Music with Lyrics on YouTube

Then another great way to start speaking English would be listening to Rap music. Well! I am suggesting watching movies and listening rap music because through it you can learn English having pure fun.

Rap music is enjoyed by young people. You can go to YouTube and type a rap song of your favorite rapper with lyrics.

You can choose a video and listen the entire song with its lyrics written.

While reading the lyrics try to understand what the singer is telling. Note down the pronunciation of every single word.

When for the first time you listen a rap song you would not understand even a single word. It is that difficult to figure out.

But if you listen it with the lyrics then you get to know the words they are using and the understanding of the English.

Moreover, it is easiest way to learn English because you are listening to music. You can try other types of songs also.

Get to know Entire Culture of English Speaking Countries

Now it is very, very difficult. You might ask how you could know the entire culture of English speaking countries sitting across the continent.

Well! If you try you could. Understanding their culture would help you to know how English is used in their day to day life.

What is the actual difference between the English spoken their and spoken in your country.

Remember, English that we speak here is a lot different than what is spoken in English speaking countries.

How a word originates and the context in which they are used, you need to understand these things.

The best way to do it is through connecting with them on social media. You should try to find out what is going on there.

Whether it is political, business, sports, arts, cinema etc, you need to follow every public discourse.

The more you listen the better you get hold of the language that they speak.

Practice by Talking to Self in Front of Mirror

Finally, if you want to speak in English then you should practice by talking to self in front of a mirror.

All the above given tips are a way to open your mind. It is because if you’re coming from totally non-English background then you’re not prepared for a change suddenly.

Hence, you have to learn step by step. After watching movies and listening to music you will get an exposure not just about the English language but also entire culture.

Therefore, now your mind is prepared to learn and speak in English.

But you have to practice if you want to be successful.

The best way to do is taking yourself to the mirror and speaking in front of it.

If you do it on regular basis it will help to bring out fear inside you.

This is very simple and basic but very effective way to learn if you’re a beginner.

How Do You Enhance Communication Skills?

Now the next part is enhancing communication skills in spoken English.

If you can speak in English it is good however speaking itself is not enough as you need to speak fluently without hesitating.

You have to speak fluently at length and engage someone in a conversation. Therefore next thing you need to master is communication skills.

You can’t be fluent in English in just 7 days. You might have seen posters and advertisements claiming that you’ll speak fluent English in 7 days are totally wrong.

It will take time and you have to learn every small detail before you can speak fluently. So how do you enhance English communication skills?

Speak Only in English with Your Friends

When you’re with your friends try to speak only in English. You can sharpen your communication skills when you are having a chat with them.

If you think there is some mistake then you can correct it. You don’t have to feel embarrassed.

It is better to find friends which are like minded. It means even they want to learn just like you.

Therefore if they are doing some mistake you can correct them and vice versa.

Although speaking with your friends is not the best way to enhance the communication skills but not bad to start with.

Later you can learn other professional ways which will really enhance your spoken English capability.

Take Part in English Plays, Drama and Skits

The great way to enhance your communication in English would be taking parts in plays, dramas and skits.

In your school or college whenever there is a drama or co-curricular activities you should take part in it.

It is more cool and fun to take part in such activities. At the same time participate in plays and dramas which are enacted in English.

You will really get a chance to enhance your communication skills because of rehearsal and speaking same line again and again.

You also get to understand better English because you dig deeper into arts and literature.

Therefore never miss an opportunity because you will learn a lot about communicating in English.

Give as Many as Interviews

Giving interviews will give you a lot of exposure how external world works. Your interaction with highly qualified professionals would really help you in developing better communication skills.

In an interview you will face people which are going to ask tough questions regarding your personal and professional life.

You have to convince them through your communication skills. It is not necessary that you succeed clearing an interview in first time.

But it will be an eye opener for you as you will learn so many things. It will be a great opportunity to prepare you for the future.

Interviews help you to get your confidence back and face people who know more than you. Moreover, you will also understand how the outer world works.

So give as many as interviews it is going to improve your communication skills as you learn new things.

Speak at Seminars and Lectures

Now you have to take it to new level. You must be prepared to speak at seminars or give lectures.

I know it is going to be difficult but if you can then you will develop a command over the English language.

Speaking in public brings out your inner fear because you’re talking in front of a large crowd.

When you interact with so many people it gives you confidence and you do not make any mistake.

You prepare yourself so rightly that when you speak everyone would only listen to you.

Therefore if you want to improve your spoken English then you should able to speak at seminars or give lectures.

Talk to a Foreigner

Interacting with foreign national is altogether a different experience.

Their accent and style of speaking is way different than ours.

You can meet them at events or other special functions and talk with them.

Talking with foreigners help you to understand other accent and style of English that they speak.


Next great thing to increase your communication skill would be travelling to different places and meet people.

You will come to know their culture and how they live. Talk with them and find out how they have similar or different from you.

Share your experiences with them and make new friends.

This is also a great way to increase your communication skills.


Writing also helps you in developing communications skills. Although it is the most difficult part but if you learn to write then also you can improve your communication.

When you write, your inner thought comes out. You become more confident and speak with certainty.

Writing helps you to develop the better understanding of the language because you are in constant search of new words.

Normally, writing is not preferred because it is difficult but if you write you will increase your communication skills in English.

Finally, in conclusion I would say before you learn to speak fluent English you have to learn how to speak it.

If you do not have any knowledge of English then also you can speak English fluently because it is that easy.

You could learn it while having fun. First is to get exposure and open up your mind for the language.

As you start listening then next is to speak it more fluently.

You can follow all the tips mentioned above to speak English fluently. It is very easy and fun to learn as well as to implement.


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