How to Double Your Affiliate Commission in Just 24 Hrs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most ideal way to make money online because you don’t need your own website, inventory or shipment, you don’t need to worry about your customer problems, refunds, product improvement, maintenance etc but still you make money by selling products.

So if you are looking to start an online business then there is nothing better then affiliate marketing business because its simple, easy to start, require low investment & profit is high.

If you are already into affiliate business then one of the main thing you would like to do in your business is increasing your affiliate commission to double or even triple. How can you achieve that?

double affiliate commission

Follow these powerful tips which will show you how to boost your affiliate commission in next 24 hrs:

Know the most profitable products you can promote

There is no doubt that you wish to go for a product that is most profitable & you can earn high commissions by promoting this.

There are number of factors to decide a most profitable product for you. Some of them are –

  1. The product has very high commission structure
  2. Its trusted & targeted for your blog readers.
  3. The product associated with the merchant or affiliate network has a good reputation for tracking your earnings & on-time payment.

Try to experiment for different products & affiliate programs so you can identify the best one.

Now days, you will find thousands of affiliate programs which you can try until you find the one that gives you highest commission. Once you know the most profitable product, stick with that.

Everyone is looking for the same thing as you are, so there may be good competition with other affiliates. You need to be one step ahead with your competitors.

You can write number of articles, some long & some short about that affiliate program on your blog, create quality backlinks to get high ranking in search engines. You can even create a short eBook to distribute free to your blog readers. You can insert affiliate links in the eBook.

Write some good stuff in the eBook about the product you are promoting. Your readers have high level of trust when they download your eBook & see your recommendation.

Build an email list

Start collecting the email IDs of those people who download your eBook. There is a very little chance that your visitors will buy the product in their first visit. You can then send the regular promotional emails reminding them about the product & its benefits. Send them at least 10 emails on different intervals (gap of 1 or 2 days between each email).

I use Aweber to send the emails. Its one of the best auto responder I have seen. You can even try their 1 month trial offer. You can make unlimited follow-ups & do many other things in Aweber.

Its very important to get the contact details like name & email address (or only email address) of your website visitors before you send them to the merchants site because you will not earn commission just for sending them to the merchant’s site but when they will make a purchase.

If you have their email addresses, you can send them future emails even for different affiliate products & you can earn commission for each & every sale.

Build your reputation with your email subscribers & try to make a relationship with them. Once you are known to them, they will not only trust your recommendation but also share this with others.

Negotiate for better commission structure

Don’t get settled for the normal commission structure displayed for all affiliates. If you think, you are successfully selling the affiliate product, contact the affiliate manager & ask for higher commission structure.

Many of the merchants will be happy to increase your commission as they know you are a valuable asset for them & they can’t afford to lose you. Don’t hesitate for this as you really deserve for this. But be in your limit.

Try to follow these quick tips which are easy to implement and I am sure, it will boost your affiliate commission to double in next 24 hours.


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