Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Working Mom

As we know women are known for their multi-tasking. They have an ability to do various tasks at one time. They could be working somewhere and at the same time taking care of their family.However, if you are a working mom then there could be some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Today, due to economy crunch many women have started supporting their family. They are no more dependent upon the man in the family.

Women have taken upon themselves. And not just due to bad economy many woman are smart enough to find their place in the competitive world.

working mom advantages disadvantages

So let us look at advantages and disadvantages of being a working mom.


Complete Financial Independence

Off course the first advantage of a working mom is complete financial independence. You do not have to depend upon your husband for money.

You are on your feet. This is the big advantage of being a working mom. It gives a sigh of relief that you do not have to fear if tomorrow your man leaves you because you would be capable enough to take care of yourself and your children.

You live confidently compared to other moms who are just housewife.

An Inspiration for Your Children

A working mom always inspires her children. If you have a son or daughter then he or she can look up to you and say I want to become like my mom.

When they grow up they would look up to their mom instead of looking somewhere else. It is because their inspiration is right in their home.

Working moms not only work but also take care of their children.

You Get More Respect from Your Husband and others

I have personally noticed that the working woman is better respected than a woman who is a housewife.

I am not suggesting that housewife do not get respect from their husband. However, in case of a working woman, husband’s attitude towards her wife is completely different.

In fact, not just husband but other members in your family like father-in-law or mother-in-law also give value to a working woman.

A real morale booster for a working woman.

Never Feel Bored Sitting in Home as Working Life is Exciting

Usually, a housewife has a very little piece of work. After doing that they do not have anything left. Hence, they start getting bored.

However, life of a working woman is full of exuberance. Daily they have something new to do and they feel very excited about it.

This is the big difference between a housewife and a working mom.

Give Back Something to Society

Although there could be many other advantages of a working mom but for being last but not the least advantage is working woman could give something back to her society.

In other words, many other young girls could learn from you or you could teach them how to be financially independent.

Working and independent woman is always a sign of a healthy society and a working woman could contribute in creating such a society.

There are more advantages as described here. However, there could be some disadvantages of a working woman as well. Here are they


You Might Tend to Neglect your Children and Husband

The biggest disadvantage of a working mom is family. If a woman is working then she will be not able to give time to her family.

And for many individuals family comes first. Therefore, family would be badly affected because your children may not get that quality time that they would have deserved otherwise.

Not just children but even your husband may complain about it if you are working for long hours.

Fatigue Because Managing two things at a Time

Research shows working woman have to bear so much stress because they have to juggle between two jobs.

On the one end they have to look after their family and on the other, tension for their work. Therefore she has to maintain a balance between the two.

She has to perform well at both place and it can fatigue her. Therefore most of the working women have to go through this.

However, most of the working women are able to manage it because of their capability of multi tasking.

Feel Isolated from Rest of the Society

Women become completely engrossed in their work and managing family. They are totally consumed by managing at both ends.

Hence, there is very little left for their friends because of it they might become isolated and that is not good for them.

Normally, working woman do not find time for their friends.

Disturbed Family Life and a Guilt Feeling

Working woman might feel guilt because she is not giving quality time to her family.

Many marriages end up in divorce because of an imbalance created by working outside.

Your relationship with the husband may go sour because you are not present when he wanted.

Therefore, because of all these reasons you feel guilt. I have noticed this in many working women.

You Might Suffer Harassment at Workplace

This is very common that almost everyone has to face some kind of harassment at her workplace.

Harassment could be from eve teasing to sexual harassment. Many women had to go through this on daily basis.

While on the other hand a housewife does not has to face all of this.

Any form of harassment could dent the woman’s morale and could leave her in permanent depression.

So these were disadvantages and advantages of a working mom. You could have valid reasons that a working woman is more suitable rather a woman in home.

Working from home is one of the solution for mom & there are many companies who are offering this option to their employees. Recently Yahoo has raised a question mark on people because he think working from home decrease productivity.

Although I personally don’t think so but many companies think the Yahoo’s way & they are asking their employees to get back to the office for the work.

Work from home business or internet jobs are another opportunities for women where they can earn some money as well as take care for their family.

It is up to you and how you are able to adjust your life.

More important thing is being happy whether you are working or you are a housewife.



  1. Mohammed contractor says

    I agree with you but in todays scenario for a middle class family, both husband and wife have to work to make both the ends meet otherwiseit is really impossible for only husband to manage the show and that will also effect their married and family life due to financial constraints.

  2. paramjit singh says

    me agree with it becomes neccesary for a middle class family , that if they want to fulfill their basic .. requirements a house wife also have to work hard…and start earning in the easiest way as possible… me really happy and fully satisfied with your online jobs opportunity…thanks for your easy earning suggestion…

  3. devi says

    hi priya,
    women must not be ideal, they hv to be engaged always! i agree wth u! if women not able to work in office, they can opt fr work frm home. but i hardly believe wth work frm home, they r not paid nd i’m panic!

  4. Anuradha Jain says

    The biggest problem faced by me is my husband is not ready to digest my success and doesn’t help me in any of my work apparently he doesn’t show. Any grudge but I suspect him for not supporting me

  5. dhivya says

    Hi priya,
    How r u,I hope u will be fine,u just look like me,I cant believe it but its really impossible.then i learnt many things regarding women adv and disadv,I agree with u but today life is depending on money so they have earn bothhusband and wife.

  6. Darlene says

    You are right, there are pro’s and con’s to being a working mother. Every choice you make has pro’s and con’s especially when you involve children, but as a single mom, of 2 now grown children, I think that the inspiration you show your kids is worth the limited time you have with them. The biggest thing is include them in the decisions, and show how your (and their) choice will make a difference for the family, they will learn to make wise choices, and gain a stronge work ethic.

  7. EmployedMommy1 says

    I’m sorry but I find your viewpoint very one sided and naive. As far as being an being an inspiration to my child- I have a one year old at home. I am confident he finds nothing inspiring about my career. He is focused on eating, sleeping, clean diapers, and hugs. The most I can hope for is that he will one day soon understand Mommy’s job pays for toys and keeps her somewhat sane. Also, can you explain to me why a stay at home mom wouldn’t be inspirational? I have a healthy amount of respect for any women managing a home and raising children. It’s not my choice, but I respect it. Your next point regarding respect is almost comical. Being a working Mom might gain you respect from other working Moms, but as far as society is concerned we suck at both. According to society, I can’t be 100% focused on work because “I’m a Mommy”. We lose pay and bonus money for taking maternity leave. (God forbid you should take all 12 weeks!) On the flip side, my dog is neglected, the dishes are piled high, and someone else is taking care of my baby right now. My husband respects me either way because I am his partner and wife- not because I am employed. Then you write this “never bored” dribble. Do you honestly think taking care of a house and a screaming baby gets boring? I will grant you for some women they find work more mentally stimulating. We are all different with different needs and abilities. To call it “a little slice of work” is disrespectful and shows little understanding of this topic. The house needs to be cleaned. The kids have to be taken care of- physically and mentally. And on the reverse, do you think work is exciting and fun every single day? Do you not consider that working Moms raise children into adults? Does that not have a positive effect on society? And where do you get the idea that working Moms don’t have time for their friends? Friends make time. We might have to do things that include the baby. I might have to get a babysitter. God forbid I might leave the baby with my husband. I’m sorry this is probably the most inane article I’ve read in a long time. Grow up. We need to stop setting these unreal and unachievable expectations on each other. We need to stop attacking each other and respect both choices.

  8. knsuresh says

    i don’t know priya , how other men feels, i have a wife who is supporting husband since last almost three decades , i just cannot assume her not working . i took lot many wrong decisions & she is supportive to all that & has brought up 2 children very nicely. but i don’t appreciate that due to ego. but back of my mind i admire her. when ever i get opportunity i do good things to her & for family
    2 is always better than 1 earning . good sharing

  9. anitha says

    hi priya
    every thing is fine, i also want to start work from home job. what can I do for that . can u do the needful for me. when can i start this job. what are the formalities for this.

  10. Om Prakash Anand says

    hi priya
    I agree with every thing in the artice, i also want to start work from home job. somehow I have knowledge of SEO I am working as SEO but at present I am out of job so please help me………

  11. sowmya says

    Dear Priya

    I completely agree with you…Husband will afraid to give divorce for working women because she is giving financial support to their family .And as a educator she will have good attitude and positive reacting quality with her..

  12. joe NMP says

    I do not have any objection of working mom inside home, One thing I concerned of, Thus mom working outside home where spending more time than their family and children.

    They tend to neglect the obligation being a wife and a mother as per the bible says.
    They did not able to for see the complication that might occur due to the hectic schedule they have.
    Person may vary their perception but for me as a catholic We are obliges to do so what Jesus Christ says.

    Its not the matter of money or the standard of living you are trying to reach out its a matter of time quality. As we are just a dot of this world, We just borrow our life here on earth.So prepare your life for the next world and build a legacy that every person will remember When our earthly body will gone.

  13. charulata c says

    Nyc priya……. Nyc
    I agree with your article but I think if we mothers work, who will take care or spend time with our children…. Sorry but I think moms shouldn’t work and if we work all day long, we would really loose the golden moments like if one’s child has a football match how can you enjoy it. Your children would be very disappointed…. It is not like mom’s should not work but she should not be so engrossed in work that she forgets her children and family
    That’s all I wanted to say

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