I Earned INR 20,00,000 from AdSense through Blogging in 2013

I know about all possible ways of making money online but none of the program can match the simplicity of Google AdSense.

AdSense is really a great program on internet for people who are looking for the simplest way of making money because in AdSense-

  • You don’t have to sell a product like in affiliate marketing!
  • You don’t have to worry about creating, managing & selling a product like in your own business
  • You don’t have to wait for a client & work for someone like a freelancer do!
  • And you don’t have to work like a labour as in Fiverr, mTurk or PTC sites.

All you have to do is create a blog, write something useful that people are searching, do some quality SEO & start making money from AdSense.

And that is what I do?

And that paid me more than INR 20,00,000 in 2013 Just from AdSense. Just check this video where I am showing my live AdSense account-

AdSense Earnings 2013

My total earnings from AdSense is $35800 or in Indian rupees 20,11,000/- with different conversion rates in different months.

Google AdSense is not the only way I am making money from. I have other sources of income as well.

I am also earning from Clickbank affiliate program and by providing training on SEO & blogging through my other site SEOTrainingCourse.co.in. Total income from these 2 sources are around 40% more of what I earn from AdSense.

So if you are a new or struggling blogger & eager to know how exactly I make money from AdSense & other sources then here are the things what I do-

  • I have 2 main blogs (Jobs8Home & GetSarkariNaukri) & number of micro niche sites.
  • 90% of my content on all the sites are outsourced.
  • Even most of my SEO work is outsourced.
  • And I never invest more than 15% of my earning in outsourcing.

All I do is manage everything.

There are many people who do not think AdSense is better than affiliate marketing but the truth is its easier & more lucrative than affiliate marketing provided you know how to make money from this program-

All you have to do is-

  • Find the keywords with high volume & low competition.
  • Or find the keywords with high CPC even with decent search volume.
  • Do quality SEO.
  • Optimize your AdSense ads to get better CPC & CTR.

If you are a new blogger or someone who is struggling to make money online then you need a proper guidance. Many top bloggers write many useful stuffs on their blog but that is not sufficient.

Reading the good things on internet look very motivating but most of the things are not practical to follow.

So if you are looking for a practical guidance on SEO & blogging from someone who is very experienced then just visit my website SEOTrainingCourse.co.in.


  1. Dinesh Vaswani says

    This is really a great achievement Pritam & very motivating for bloggers like me. I have started a fashion blog recently &doing very hard work to make it popular. Is there any good scope of earning from AdSense for my blog. Please give your valuable guidance.

  2. Vinod Sanyal says

    I heard a lot about blogging & I have seen many people who are making good money from AdSense. My wife is a housewife & she has good idea on beauty products. Can you suggest me how exactly she can start a blog on this topic & how to apply for AdSense. How much is the investment for creating a website.

  3. says

    Pritam and Priya,

    read your article. It does motivate you to keep striving hard and make that kind of money. I admit of getting lot of help through your site which has shaped my blog better. Keep writing such articles they really work for new kids on the blog. Congratulations for the stupendous success of your blogging

  4. LOVISH TYAGI says

    I am not eligible for for paying investment money. but I want to earn this type online money, can u suggest me how its possible

  5. says

    Hi Priya and Pritam,

    Firstly my congratulations to the effort you have taken to educate people like us.
    With the help of the instructions given by you in Jobs8Home Blog and I have made a Blog of my own Idea got rejected by AdSense.
    I am trying for more than 5 yrs to earn via internet.
    Kindly help me to improve on the same to earn via Google AdSense.
    Thank you,

    • says

      Now a days, Google is more strict about AdSense approval. If your blog does not have quality & good traffic, you will not get the approval. You need to word hard to make your blog a little success & then apply for AdSense.

      • anilkumar says

        everything is good priya what you are saying right google is not accepting a new members like us what can we do for that or u can give any information about this how to do ? or u can taught us how to get adsense account quickly

  6. M.subbarao says

    Hello Sir,
    Firstly my congratulations to the effort you have taken to educate people like us. My AdSense account is blocked. How to reopen it. Please tell me some suggestions.

  7. H.Ranganath says

    Dear Priya and Pritham,
    It is very nice of you to share your ideas about earning on internet. You have been giving very useful tips and detailed instructions too. I personally thank you since I have found some very useful activity . Though I have not tried for blogging so far, this article of yours inspires me to do so and hope to do something.
    All the best.

  8. says

    Dear Pritam,

    Congratulations! You are a source of inspiration to me. Your success story makes me work harder and want to achieve success like you have. I will always need your guidance to fulfill my ambition.

    Thanks for being there!


  9. Shivraj K Ingawale says

    Hello Priya,
    This is something good which you have written to me. But I will not be able to purchase anything either or invest anything for this. You please guide me for starting this type of work from home. So that I can start the work for better earnings.

  10. sujatha says

    I am not eligible for for paying investment money. but I want to earn this type online money, can u suggest me how its possible

  11. says

    Congrats Priya. This is inspired my blogging career. I have sent few mails about adsense earning tips and for my earning improvement. i got good tips from your side. i have applied all the methods but no use. my adsense earning below $0.70 per day. Can your suggest me some useful Traditional SEO tips. Thank you.

    My Blogs are

    • Pritam Nagrale says

      Hi Satish,
      There are 3 ways, you can increases AdSense earnings-
      1. by increasing traffic – do some good SEO
      2. By increasing CTR – test diff ads on diff places & check how you can get high CTR.
      3. by increasing CPC – write on high CPC topics & block low paying ads.

      • says

        Thanks for your reply.
        1. I am doing good SEO – on-page and off-page also. I have followed basic methods in your ebook “Adsense simplified”
        2. ya testing my ads in different locations. Recently i found “Responsive ads” in adsense dashboard. How it works
        3. I have blocked low paying keywords in my adsense account successfully. but the ads are showing in my Blog. i got this ads when i use Google adsense Toolbar installed in Chrome.

  12. Sharad Ganapatye. says

    Dear Ms. Priya / Mr. Pritam,

    I have gone thru’ your article. It is good to read. But at no where I found the financial commitment one has to make for the different courses you suggested and the duration for each one of them. Although you guranteed 100% success, you had also mentioned and I quote “If your blog does not have quality & good traffic, you will not get the approval”, (Ref. your reply of date e.g. 31-01-2014 given at 12.43 hrs.). I am confused with this, since I am a layman. Being a retiree, I want to kill the time and if possible, earn something simultaneuosly. I do not know what is blog, how to create it ? How to put in on net for approval etc. etc. etc…….

    In the past I had lost couple of thousands in some such exercise and finally I had to give up by instructing my Bank to make stop payment, as the agency was recovering their monthly charges directly thru’ my Bank Account. Moreover, is there any recurring charges I had to pay to you or any other agency/ies in future.

    I have been receiving your said advisory messages time and again and therefore, this time I decided to write to you both as above. Of course, I have to take further decision after I receive your reply and if at all it appeals me ?????

    Awaiting your reply.


    Sharad Ganapatye.

    • Pritam Nagrale says

      Hello Mr. Sharad
      Making money online is not something you create some account & start making some money. There is very hard work & commitment needed to earn from this. There may be 2 ways you can go with that. Either you can try your own by reading on the blogs like Jobs8Home where I used to write many tips on this subject. Other ways is get the guidance of people who are already doing this & what exactly you can do to make money.
      In both the cases it takes time. It can take more than 1 year in the first case but if somebody give you the personal guidance, you can save half the time & even money that you could spend in buying useless stuff on internet.

      • phool singh says

        Hello Pritam,
        To tell you the truth, you have truly done well for your self and you have laid down some few tricks that would increase any blog earnings if applied properly.

  13. paresh says

    Good evening.



  14. Shirish Chitre says

    Please suggest me how I can start a blog on this topic & how to apply for AdSense. How much is the investment for creating a website.

  15. Sathyendran Nair says

    Dear Priya,
    First of all I appreciate for your efforts.
    In fact I don’t understand how can we earn money from adsense. Kindly inform me step by step formalities, so that I can also try for that.
    Hope you will honour my request

  16. venkat says

    Gr8 Pritam ! I have visited your blog and as u said I am not aware of what to do and what not to do ..any ways I am trying to do figure out from what u advised to other FAQ’s or comments.
    Though I have some teething problems as I do not know how to make my own blog of a subject I am interested in or aware of.-venkat

  17. Shailesh says

    Hello Sir,

    Congrats Sir. You are doing a good job. Also, you are always ready to help other peoples to earn money on internet. You are my mentor . I am eager to learn blogging with you.

  18. jyotirmani says

    Pritam and Priya,
    It does motivate you to keep striving hard and make that kind of money. Congratulations for the stupendous success of your blogging.

  19. says

    Hi Pritam,

    That’s very impressive, I’ve never seen or heard of anyone making that kind of money with Adsense unless they had like 50 to 100 sites up all ranking well for the keywords which we all know for one person that’s just not easy to do. I know you said you outsource everything but you’re also making the money to be able to afford to outsource all the work. Either way it’s very impressive and thanks for sharing this with us. I have no doubt your course is really good and will help a lot of people who want to learn how to do this same thing.


    • Pritam Nagrale says

      Thanks Adrienne for visiting my blog & reading my blogpost. I use to hear the same thing on other blogs that you can’t make decent money from AdSense. Although its not a big amount but more than 95% of this earning came from 2 blogs. And both of these 2 blogs receive 90% of the traffic from India.
      I outsource most of the stuff so that I can spend more time with my family. But if you really have good idea of outsourcing, you can really save lots of money.

      • kamlesh kumar mishra says

        Hello pritam, how r u I m kamlesh nice sounds really that u r earning like this. I m very eager to know how is it possible plz its my request to u can u guide me if u will I wii b very thankful to u.


  20. says

    Hi Pritam Nagrale, Congratulations to you for a Big Achivement in 2013. As you told shared a wonderful News with your Blogs readers so it tells 2013 was a great year of your life, Which you never ever wanna forget too :) Well our God Wishes are with you, Do make again a history in the world :)

  21. says

    Impressive achievement Priya! I’m sure this year you are going to make bigger figures. BTW what’s daily traffic on your sites for this kind of earnings? Most people don’t have this kind of success stories with adsense

  22. kedar a salunke says

    hi pritam sir,
    congratulations on your acheivement.
    i also tryeing to learn a little from your blog as well as your website .
    as i am in stock market i can focus on fully on this interesting career
    please advice me as to how i can start to earning from such business

  23. says

    Hi Pritam,

    This is truly amazing! Tough to believe too, but as you say, it must be so true :)

    I’ve never heard of anyone make so much from Adsense, unless they have several sites. But you managed such a great deal with just 2 blogs as you mentioned, which is commendable. Congratulations to you, and great going indeed. Keep up the good work :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  24. mayur says


  25. Sushanta Chowdhury says

    Dear Priya,
    It really sounds very good to make money in this way. But what is the process and how can it be believable are the questions that come to my mind. Can you clear it?

  26. says

    Congratulations, its a great source of inspiration for those who want to make money online. We should not think only in terms of investment and returns. One needs to have a proper plan in place to succeed online.
    Before we start blogging, we should prepare ourselves for hard work and dedication. Success will follow soon.

  27. M SATISH KUMAR says


    Please send the step by step process like how to create account. How to work and how to get the payment through cheque or bank account transfer etc.,

    If possible provide me your earnings statement for genuineness.

    With Regards,

  28. Neelesh Nadkarny says

    Dear Pritam,

    As you have mentioned that you also offer training programmes, I would like to ask you what is the fee that you charge for training ? Also, if I need you to setup a blog and other stuff for me, how much would you charge for that ?

  29. says

    Hello Pritam,
    To tell you the truth, you have truly done well for your self and you have laid down some few tricks that would increase any blog earnings if applied properly.
    Thanks and do have a good wek ahead…

  30. says

    Considering my 5 years tryst with Blogging, your story is incredible! Tremendous earnings and very inspiring for all bloggers. After Amit Agrawal and some others I have found you who is earning this much.

  31. says

    Hi Pritam

    Congratulations for you, and this arcticle motivating me as bloggers. I have started a healthy product blog since 2013 but, not success yet as yours.

    Actually i don’t know more about AdSense, Please tell me more
    Thanks before

  32. says

    really its a great achievement for u i congrats u for this but i am new in this field so if you dont mind pls help how to get through this adsence pls i ll be thank ful to you

  33. Ashok says

    Hello dear i have a google adsense account but my daily earning is very low due to low traffic how i increase traffic to my blog give me some suggestion ????

  34. Sakthivel S says

    Hi Pritam Nagrale,
    Great for your effort that you put to earn in adsense!
    I have applied my Google Blogspot for Adsense and it got rejected for 2 times. There is no reason communicated from Google.
    Whether Google Blogspot is ok for Adsense or we should have a website?
    And can we immediately apply our blogs for adsense or there is any timeframe, traffic…while applying.
    Please guide me from basic on how to earn from Adsense,


    • Pritam Nagrale says

      Hi Sakthivel S
      There is no problem with BlogSpot blog but now a days, Google does not give the AdSense approval easily. You need to work more on your website and product quality content on regular basis. You can also try migrating your blog to WordPress if you are getting good traffic.

  35. sanjay rawat says

    Hi priya Ji,

    I am very inspired by your work and I always follow you as i am really interested to make money from google adsense but i failed several times,please advice as i am in really financial trouble and want to overcome this ,I hope you can understand as i can share my number in case i are willing to help me god bless thanks and regards

  36. says

    Hi Priya,
    I read the post you sent about you earning 20 lakhs the last year. Now it seems you have a healthy blog. To earn money blogging do I have to have a lot of blogs or do you think that for me having one solid blog is good enough? Did you start off with just one blog or did you create many blogs at the first instance and then settle down for just one or two?

    Please try to reply I am sure that you have a busy schedule!

    Thanking You,

    Kersasp Nalldaru, Mumbai, India.

  37. Niharika singh says

    Hi Priya and Pritam,

    I would like to start my online work and very new to this field. Currently i dont have any knowledge about the blogging and no investments to go through the training course in SEO . I can do the investments in training by installments and i really want to undergo the training programme. Please suggest me how i can go about in this .

    Niharika Singh

    • kersasp nalladaru says

      Hi, you can also download ebooks such as SEO for dummies or blogging for dummies. These books can be very expensive if purchased in paperback format. You may download soft copies from Google and then study them in detail. I am doing the same. Hopefully in a short span of time I will have my own income from blogs. You can also download AdSense for dummies as well.

  38. kersasp nalladaru says

    Hi, I am just curious how long did it take you to reach here? I mean how old is your blog?


  39. dinesh says

    I am not eligible for for paying investment money. but I want to earn this type online money, can u suggest me how its possible, i have no web site can it possible

  40. Narinder Singh says

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  41. minakshi mojasia says

    hello sir,
    congrats for ur great success. i just want to know can i post different different things in one blog. like some paintings or some cooking recipes etc. Nd also i have no website so can i receive traffic on my blog. please suggest me what can i do.

    thank you

  42. Jasmeet Singh says

    Hello Pritam,

    I know tat we can earn with this But it is not very easy to go with it because google have some important rules to follow which is not an easy task.

  43. says

    This is really a great achievement . i have been facing problem with adsense , not able to get help from them . its showing blank ads on my blog from long , is there any way to solve this problem ?

    • Pritam Nagrale says

      It means your blog is rejected. Remove the ads from the blog, work hard on your blog to post good content and promote online. Reapply after 1-2 months.

  44. Ram says

    Hi Priya,

    How you are managing Tax in india, You paying tax as individual or registered company?

    If it is pvt limited company, can you guide me to get registered as a company.

    I am not making any money now, but, just want to understand that, which will help me in future.

    • Pritam Nagrale says

      Hello Ram, I am taking the help of my CA & he is filing the tax for me.
      I will try to find complete information on this topic & come with an informative post soon.

  45. ZIAUDDIN says

    sir wil u please contact me for2 minute I m unable to do this process how I perform this job,
    my contact no.is 8103161214 pls sir plz cooperate

  46. Archana says

    hello dear’

    i am very depreased to take my job
    my perants are not allow me to do privet jobs.i want to do grmnt. job or in grmnt office plz help me

  47. abhijeet says

    my blog was only 1 month old ..and i get approved from adsense and after 2-3 days i got email from adsense


    Your Google AdSense application has been approved. You’ll soon begin to see relevant Google ads appear on http://www.xyz.com


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